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Defining Leadership: What Is It and Why Does It Matter in Church?
Leadership is a key component in the health of any church or ministry.
Celibate Gay Christians: Neither Shockingly Conservative nor Worryingly LiberalSubscriber Access Only
A new book uses stories and statistics to dispel stereotypes and suspicion.
Faithfulness: God's Goals + Ordinary Actions = Extraordinary Results
It’s great to dream big dreams. It’s greater to be consistent in the small, mundane tasks that make those dreams possible.
How to Avoid the Folly of the Pharisees
The real mistake made by Jesus' classic adversaries might surprise you.
The Pastor's Currency Is InfluenceSubscriber Access Only
Are you spending it wisely?
Two Marvelous Truths Help Me Say No to Sexual Sin
As a same-sex-attracted woman married to a man, I was struggling to ward off temptation on my own power. Then God showed me I didn’t have to.
‘You Can’t Just Tell Us What to Believe’
Gregory Coles says the church should offer “breathing room” for gay Christians, like himself, who want to pursue sexual holiness.
I Never Became Straight. Perhaps That Was Never God’s Goal.Subscriber Access Only
Why I embraced the Bible's sexual ethic before I understood it.
Confessions of a Former ‘It’ Church Pastor
We were the hottest church in our area. Then everything imploded.
How a Small Congregation Fed 145,000 People
God is using 124 people from this historic congregation to support a big ministry.
How I Leverage My Autism for Pastoral Ministry
My life-changing diagnosis forced me to learn myself—and my ministry role—all over again.
Uniting a Violence-Plagued City in Prayer
Neither death threats nor tepid response discouraged two pastors from praying over every murder site in their city for years.
The Jesus Everybody LovesSubscriber Access Only
Even nonbelievers value his teachings. But all of us have trouble living them out.
Finding God's Will for Your Life Is Easier than You Think
Many Christians overplay the importance of God's specific will, while underestimating the value of God's universal will.
Individual Mission
How we respond to the church in exile?
Contextualization at Home: What Would Jesus Do Here?
We can’t reach the world for Jesus if we don’t know Jesus and how He operates.
When Is My Ministry Done?Subscriber Access Only
God had his own clear way of telling me.
Morning Roundup 1/29/15
No Worship in NYC Public Schools; Religious Decline?; Gospel in Three Directions
Confessions of a Pastor’s WifeSubscriber Access Only
Could I live up to his calling?
No Turning Back
Like Daniel, follow God regardless of who’s following you

Top Story February 27, 2020

The Cross Changes Everything
The Cross Changes Everything
Why the Crucifixion is the center of our theology—and our lives.

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