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The Slow WorkEpisode 5|37min
Sinners and Saints and Sacks of Meat with Mike Cosper
Our complex stories invite us into confessional living with one another and with God.
A Europa está vivendo um momento pós-cristão ou pré-avivamento?
Como missionária neste “continente pródigo”, compartilho sobre como vejo a plantação de igrejas, o movimento de oração e as igrejas da diáspora fazendo a diferença.
Tempo com Deus: quem tem mais probabilidade de fazer devocionais diários
Pesquisa revela que ao menos dois terços dos fiéis reservam um tempo devocional todos os dias, mas as práticas variam.
The Ever-Present Memento Mori
How to remember that we must die on Ash Wednesday.
Dying to the Indispensable Self
Perhaps we need to hear Jesus’ words as a command to deny our default ways of valuing and measuring the self.
The Sobriety of Forever
During Easter, considering your death will lead you to bright horizons.
Alive Upon Arrival
Jesus, when he rose from the grave, was mistaken for a gardener. It is my favorite story.
My Last Supper with the Family of God
In response to our weakness, Christ serves us his final meal.
Exiles All the Way Home
We all yearn for the miraculous movement from wilderness to safety, and exile to belonging.
World Weary in the Garden of Gethsemane
We must put to death the idea that we were ever the ones in control.
People Perish for Lack of Religion
Deaths of despair are on the rise in our country. What is the role of the church?
A History of Soul Care
In her book “Soul Care in African American Practice,” Barbara Peacock spotlights inspiring examples of spiritual formation in Black history. Join CT and Seminary Now on February 23 for an online conversation with the author.
Against the Lenten Frenzy
Few questions haunt pastors as much as: “What makes a worship gathering successful?”
Descending the Summit of Success
How often do we make regular choices that uplift a worldly narrative of success?
무속신앙의 토양에서 자란 한국 기독교의 씨앗
영적 세계에 대한 인식은 복음을 전하기 위한 선교 활동의 결정적인 요소였다.
New Life Rising
Evangelicals Fear LGBT Blessings Proposal Would Split the Church of England
Tensions are high at this week’s General Synod, with leaders on both sides frustrated with the suggested compromise on same-sex marriage.
自11月4日以來,使命航空團契(MAF)的瑞安·科赫(Ryan Koher)和兩名南非志願者 因被懷疑幫助德爾加杜角的伊斯蘭叛亂分子而被拘留。

Top Story February 7, 2023

Hundreds of Ukrainian Churches Damaged by Russia
Report: 500 Ukrainian Churches and Religious Sites Damaged by Russian Military
One out of three destroyed or looted buildings tallied by Institute for Religious Freedom belong to evangelicals, accused of being “American spies.”

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