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Churches Outnumber Pubs in the UK
While the big denominations continue their downfall, certain Pentecostal movements, from black churches to Hillsong, see a surge in attendance.
The Strange Journey of Christian Rock and Roll
Randall Stephens’s history pays attention to political and cultural flash points—without losing focus on the music itself.
The Many Flavors of Latino Protestantism
Three sociologists look at the impact of this growing body of believers on the American church.
How the Spirit Sets Us Up for Holiness
The same Spirit that descended on the disciples at Pentecost empowers our devotion to God.
The Many Surprises of 20th-Century ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
Brian Stanley’s global history makes connections and draws lessons that others are apt to miss.
Muslim Refugees Are Finding Christ—And Facing Backlash
What happens when Middle Eastern Christians and Muslims immigrate to secular Sweden?
The Faith of the ‘Killable People’
Why “prison Pentecostalism” is flourishing among criminals, gang members, and others on society’s margins.
Immigrants Are Reshaping American MissionsSubscriber Access Only
Latino congregations are launching their own international partnerships to support ministries and churches in their homelands.
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The Church's Three-Part HarmonySubscriber Access Only
Why evangelical, sacramental, and Pentecostal Christians belong together in one body.
Why Rio Was Upset a Pastor Didn’t Come to Carnival
Evangelicals have mixed feelings about mayor Marcelo Crivella, the latest symbol of Protestant ascendancy in Catholic Brazil.
Jesus Is Alive in LondonSubscriber Access Only
A snapshot of Christian witness in the world (as it appeared in our May issue).
Unity in the Body and Working Relationships Beyond
What are the limits of cross-denominational partnership?
The Biggest Apology for Christian Persecution of Other Christians EverSubscriber Access Only
In an 'astounding admission,' global church leaders repent for past abuse of other denominations.
The Morning After the Pentecostal MurdersSubscriber Access Only
Ten years ago, scandal put Sweden’s free churches on edge. Now their prospects are brighter than ever.
Tending the 'Stolen' Sheep in Latin America's Booming Bible BeltSubscriber Access Only
Catholics may be fast converting to Protestantism, but beliefs and maturity vary.
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Latina, Pentecostal, and College-BoundSubscriber Access Only
How the church stands to benefit from rising educational attainment.
Here's What Protestants in 18 Latin American Countries Believe and PracticeSubscriber Access Only
New Pew research identifies who evangelizes most and who believes the prosperity gospel, among many other topics.
Why Do These Pentecostals Keep Growing?
Many evangelical churches and denominations are in a state of plateau or decline. Why aren’t Pentecostals?
How Theologians Have Failed Asian Christians—and How They Can Do BetterSubscriber Access Only
Rather than forcing “elite” agendas upon grassroots believers, says Simon Chan, we need to take their concerns seriously.
Pope Francis Apologizes for Pentecostal Persecution, But Italy's Evangelicals Remain WarySubscriber Access Only
A 'near totality' warn U.S. evangelicals (and others) against becoming too friendly with the Catholic Church.
Top Story June 19, 2019
Should Christians Praise Partial Religious Freedom?
Should Christians Praise Partial Religious Freedom?
Does good press lead to greater gains in the Muslim world? Or merely cover a multitude of sins?
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