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Be Careful About Reading the Bible as a Political GuideSubscriber Access Only
Without a mature understanding of God’s purpose for governments, we’ll default to the commonplace views of our culture.
Proving That God Exists Without Opening a BibleSubscriber Access Only
How human reason alone can lay a pathway from doubt to belief.
What Humans Have That Machines Don’t
How a theology of personhood cuts against the mechanical metaphors we use to describe ourselves.
Myers-Briggs and Other Mirrors for the Soul
A new history of the ubiquitous personality test sheds light on what it can and can’t deliver.
Keeping the Trinity Personal
Defending the oneness of God shouldn't nullify the Bible's claims about the mutual love of Father, Son, and Spirit.
An Evangelical's Guide to the EnneagramSubscriber Access Only
What's behind the popular self-assessment tool making its way to your church.
Mississippi Personhood Initiative DefeatedSubscriber Access Only
Ballot efforts initially gained momentum as some groups say they could backfire and entrench abortion rights.
When Does Personhood Begin?Subscriber Access Only
And what difference does it make?
Unwanted InterruptionsSubscriber Access Only
Why is our culture so hostile to children-inside and outside the womb?
Another Small Step for LifeSubscriber Access Only
Recent federal bill recognizes the humanity of the fetus for the first time.
Senate Passes Fetal Homicide BillSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Former Archbishop of Canterbury criticizes Islam, The Passion of The Christ opens overseas, and other stories from online sources around the world.
'The United States of America Is Building a Culture of Life'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Converting to 'evangelism,' bioethics council on reproductive technologies, Pope says feeding tubes a moral obligation, and other stories
The Techno Sapiens Are ComingSubscriber Access Only
When God fashioned man and woman, he called his creation very good. Transhumanists say that, by manipulating our bodies with microscopic tools, we can do better. Are we ready for the great debate?
Define 'Better'Subscriber Access Only
One person's improvement is another person's degeneration.

Top Story May 25, 2020

‘Free in Christ’ to Defy State Closures? Latino Churches Offer Insight.
‘Free in Christ’ to Defy State Closures? Latino Churches Offer Insight.
Our churches are essential, but whether it is critical to gather is another question.

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