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Melancholy Angels
God’s messengers can be both bombastic and surprisingly subdued.
The Evangel-ist
Billy Graham restored a sense of goodness about the Good News.
The Good News Hiding Beneath the HeadlinesSubscriber Access Only
As we begin another year, Philip Yancey reminds us: Grace hasn’t vanished.
"These Christians Are Weird . . . But They Love"
An interview with Philip Yancey about his new book, Vanishing Grace
Be Pioneers of Grace in a Post-Christian America
The author lays out a way to witness after churches have lost their cultural privilege.
National Tragedy and the Empty Tomb
Not even senseless murder can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.
How Christian Leaders Have Changed Since 9/11
Pastors, authors, & ministry leaders describe how that fateful day transformed their lives and ministries.
A Living Stream in the Desert
How the Christian faith will be a subversive—and liberating—influence in the Middle East.
Border Crossing
Why Philip Yancey's newest book is debuting in Brazil.
'O, Evangelicos!'
We need not abandon our name—just live up to it.
Intensive Care Week
Thoughts while sitting beside my brother as his brain and body failed.
A Whole Good World Outside
Opening our blinds to the prevailing wonder of creation.
Surveying the Wondrous Cross
Understanding the Atonement is about more than grasping a theory.
A Dream That Won't Die
The meaning of the election; the work yet to be done.
A Surefire Investment
How to pray in the midst of financial catastrophe.
Escaping the BulletsSubscriber Access Only
A speaking tour in India led to a few close calls.
Denominational Diagnostics
What I look for to find a healthy church.
On the Grand Canyon Bus
The Christian life is about the journey as well as the destination.
Found in Space
How C. S. Lewis has shaped my faith and writing.
The Healing Pen
Philip Yancey writes to save his past—and others' futures.

Top Story April 2, 2020

Have Yourself a Bittersweet Easter
Have Yourself a Bittersweet Easter
A typical Holy Week is out of reach this year. That's cause for lament—and celebration.

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