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‘The Two Popes’ Pits Tradition Against Progress
What the new Netflix drama can teach us about the interdependency of orthodoxy and reform.
Morning Roundup 7/8/14
Pope to Hold Bishops Accountable; Internet Never Forgets; Ministry Roles
Argentine Evangelicals Say Bergoglio as Pope Francis Is 'Answer to Our Prayers'Subscriber Access Only
First Latin American pope offers opportunity to 'rethink differences' and 'join hands in mission.'
Why Pope Francis Excites (Most) Evangelical LeadersSubscriber Access Only
Bergoglio expected to focus on poverty and set a friendlier tone in Protestant-Catholic relations.
A Pope for All ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Why believers of all stripes should care about the new head of the Catholic Church.
Quitting Time: The Pope Retired. Should Your Pastor?Subscriber Access Only
Benedict's decision shows how to serve well and leave well, experts say.
Catholics on the Evangelical TrailSubscriber Access Only
George Weigel heralds an "Evangelical Catholicism" whose adherents strive to bring Jesus into every area of life.
Why Evangelical Leaders Love Pope Benedict XVI (And His Resignation)Subscriber Access Only
Theologians and pastors felt kinship in his passion for theology and his stances on social issues.
What the Benedict Papacy Meant for WomenSubscriber Access Only
Communication is key to the pope's legacy
Nuns Facing the Ruler: A Protestant Perspective on the Vatican Conflict with the SistersSubscriber Access Only
Are American nuns free to reject church discipline and stay Catholic?
Pope Benedict XVI Points Fingers on Who Killed JesusSubscriber Access Only
Jews bear no collective guilt for crucifixion, he says.
Christian Decline StallsSubscriber Access Only
Reports of U.K. church's death may be premature.
Europe's Past Is Today's HopeSubscriber Access Only
Rome won't cede the continent to secularists without a fight.
A Unifying VocationSubscriber Access Only
Why development work and gospel work cannot be put asunder.
Why You Can't Just 'Love Your Neighbor'Subscriber Access Only
According to Benedict XVI's new encyclical, trying to love people without knowing the truth about them leads to mere sentiment and will do them harm.
Condoms, HIV, and Pope BenedictSubscriber Access Only
Leading HIV researcher Edward C. Green says criticism of the pope 'unfair.'
The Imprimatur of HappinessSubscriber Access Only
In Pope Benedict's hands, Christian joy becomes the antidote to modern meaninglessness.
From Bishop to PresidentSubscriber Access Only
Vatican reluctantly grants Paraguayan Fernando Lugo's request to step down.
Q&A: Richard MouwSubscriber Access Only
Mouw is president of Fuller Theological Seminary and a supporter of Evangelicals and Catholics Together.
Pope Benedict Goes to WashingtonSubscriber Access Only
Pope's U.S. visit is expected to strengthen evangelical-Catholic relationship.

Top Story June 1, 2020

The Revolution Will Not Be Videoed
The Revolution Will Not Be Videoed
What Paul and Silas might have said about George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and and and …

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