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Why Consider a Formal Education for Ministry?
An intentional degree is one in which people who have gone before you have thought deeply on it and created a curriculum to give you greater direction.
Supreme Court Reconsiders State Bans on Public Funding for Religious Schools
Could a Montana school choice case be the end of Blaine amendments?
What Will God Do with Betsy DeVos?Subscriber Access Only
Education expert Andrea Ramirez on what the appointment means for the public school system and the church.
Do Christian Schools Produce Good Citizens? The Evidence Says Yes.Subscriber Access Only
Christian private school graduates are just as engaged in their communities as their public school peers—if not more.
In Defense of the Christian Private School BubbleSubscriber Access Only
Giving parents grace in a complex educational landscape.
Schools Tussle Over Sex StandardsSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Why are fired teachers still suing Christian schools?
Fury Over Mission School FeesSubscriber Access Only
Church-run schools in Nigeria made a shift in cost.
A Private Matter: Vanderbilt Vets Student MinistriesSubscriber Access Only
Campus ministries need different defenses.
School Choice Programs SnowballSubscriber Access Only
Forty-one states introduce or pass new programs.
Sports with a Deeper PurposeSubscriber Access Only
Wheaton College's new athletics director responds to The Atlantic's controversial indictment of college sports.
What’s More Important than Church Doctrine?Subscriber Access Only
Can the justices decide an employment case without making religious decisions? Says Breyer: 'This is tough and I'm stuck.'
Agents of Translation: Philip Eaton on 'Engaging the Culture, Changing the World'Subscriber Access Only
Christian colleges should fluently speak the language of both the gospel and the surrounding culture.
Christian Colleges Part of White House Interfaith Service PushSubscriber Access Only
Schools say listening is a key part of the project—but theological pluralism isn’t.
Ministerial Murkiness: Biggest Religion Case in 20 Years?Subscriber Access Only
Supreme Court hears arguments today on whether fired teacher is a religious employee.
Christian Colleges Hope House Bill Will Repeal New RulesSubscriber Access Only
CCCU says government's solution to for-profit problems threatens schools' autonomy.
Tough Grace: Clear and Consistent on Sexual StandardsSubscriber Access Only
Consistency means not singling out those with same-sex orientation. The same standard should apply to all.
Generic Christian U.Subscriber Access Only
Ties that bind church schools are loosening.
Boarding Bust: Schools for Missionary Kids See Lower AttendanceSubscriber Access Only
Recent reports of child abuse overshadow another trend.
School Choice 2.0Subscriber Access Only
Supreme Court weighs Arizona tax credits.
Why Not College for the Disabled?Subscriber Access Only
New faith-based school opens doors for young adults with intellectual disabilities.

Top Story June 7, 2020

Singing the Songs of Injustice
Singing the Songs of Injustice
Biblical, angry, congregational worship can help transform our hearts and churches.

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