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Deadening the HeartSubscriber Access Only
Killer video games are no 'safety valve'—quite the opposite.
Compliant but ConfusedSubscriber Access Only
Unpacking some myths about today's teens.
Therapeutically IncorrectSubscriber Access Only
Atheist psychiatrist argues that gays can change.
Gut CheckSubscriber Access Only
Blink makes the case for intuitive judgment.
Rubber Sharks and Real KidsSubscriber Access Only
Ted Baehr tells parents to use common sense and cognitive development theory.
Codependent No MoreSubscriber Access Only
When Pleasing Others Is Hurting You addresses the need to be needed.
Redeeming ConflictSubscriber Access Only
Boundaries Face to Face focuses on conversations for building the right walls.
The Book of JamesSubscriber Access Only
The famed William James drew on Edwards's psychology but not his theology.
Language of EcstasySubscriber Access Only
Edwards's interest in religious psychology arose from his own almost mystical encounters with God.
Possessed or Obsessed?Subscriber Access Only
Many Christians say they are in need of deliverance but some may be giving demons more than their due
The Forgiveness FactorSubscriber Access Only
Social scientists like Robert Enright are discovering the healing power of a Christian virtue.
Trained to KillSubscriber Access Only
A military expert on the psychology of killing explains how today's media condition kids to pull the trigger.
Doctors Who PraySubscriber Access Only
How the medical community is discovering the healing power of prayer.
My Genes Made Me Do ItSubscriber Access Only
Evolutionary psychology may explain why we commit adultery—but not why we don't.
The Lost Sex StudySubscriber Access Only
If we make a god of sexuality, that god will fail in ways that affect the whole person and perhaps the whole society.
Homosexual HealingSubscriber Access Only
Review of Coming Out Of Homosexuality
APA Halts Conversion Therapy ChangeSubscriber Access Only
From 1994: The APA'S board of trustees endorsed a proposed resolution disapproving treatment based on "a psychiatrist's intent to change a person's sexual orientation."
PsychobabbleSubscriber Access Only
Biblical discernment in an age of therapies.
Carl Rogers’s Quiet Revolution Therapy for the SaintsSubscriber Access Only
Does "empathy" equal Christian love?
Carl Rogers’s Quiet Revolution: Therapy for the MassesSubscriber Access Only
This quiet Midwesterner is out to make a "new creation"

Top Story August 13, 2020

Christian Colleges: God Wants You to Wear a Mask to Class
Christian Colleges: God Wants You to Wear a Mask to Class
With new campus covenants, dozens of evangelical schools are extending calls to “love your neighbor” to apply to a range of coronavirus safeguards.

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