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Q&A: We Need a Christ-Centered Theology of Trauma
Therapist Hermeisha Hopson offers a clinically informed, scripturally sound approach to treating #MeToo victims and other survivors.
Babies Need Their Moms. But Moms Need Paid Leave.
“Conservatives love my family-first message, but you have to pay for that message,” says researcher.
Feeling Loved by God Buffers Body Esteem in Men More Than Women
Two psychologists at Hope College respond to Christian young adults who struggle with body satisfaction.
Behaving Like Children or Chimps?
Psychology study offers insight on why Jesus calls us to be like children.
Can Pain Cultivate Empathy in Us?
Research suggests yes, and even the unlikely can grow. But our suffering Savior is the best model.
Evangelism, Meet Soul Care
Why we need to love ourselves to effectively love our neighbor and share the gospel.
Behavioral Science Catches Up to the Bible
Research is confirming ancient wisdom about human nature. But can it really make us better people?
Your Childhood Wounds May Be Hurting Your Marriage
Lessons from attachment theory on building secure and trusting intimacy.
Screens Are Changing the Way We Read Scripture
As digital reading habits rewire our brains, how will we process the Bible differently?
The Generous Soul
Why overcoming the Scrooge in all of us begins with gratitude.
Researchers: Faith Helps Mass Shooting Survivors
Psychologists find support from community and trust in God make a measurable impact.
God Made Our Brains to Need Others
Both science and Scripture invite us to share our suffering.
Does Your Pastor Need a Friend?Subscriber Access Only
A study reveals why relational ministry can leave our inner circle empty.
Has Christian Psychology Lost Its Place at Southern Seminary?
(UPDATED) President Albert Mohler speaks to CT about the controversy over a longtime professor’s departure.
Thankfulness Protects Against PTSDSubscriber Access Only
In the aftermath of tragedy, gratitude helps us grow.
What Brilliant Psychologists Like Me Are Learning About HumilitySubscriber Access Only
Measuring meekness can help the church as long as we remember the only One who had something to brag about.
Why Even Pessimists Can Embrace Hope Subscriber Access Only
A social psychologist explains why fear and hope often work as a team.
Why We Argue Best with Our Mouths ShutSubscriber Access Only
Science reveals the power of being quick to listen and slow to speak.
How Our Unconscious Biases Shape Our BeliefsSubscriber Access Only
Why we all need to get outside the echo chamber.
The Science of Sinning LessSubscriber Access Only
What new research reveals about self-control and willpower.
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining Denominations
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining DenominationsSubscriber Access Only
The 2020 project shows shifting complexity of organized religion.
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