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An Evangelical's Guide to the EnneagramSubscriber Access Only
What's behind the popular self-assessment tool making its way to your church.
How the Ten Commandments Stop Us from Cheating
Dishonesty is nearly universal—unless you use this one weird trick.
For Black Women, Looking Tough Takes a Toll
Emotional strength can only hide heartbreak for so long, says pyschologist and theologian Chanequa Walker-Barnes
Too Many Transitions Can Traumatize Our KidsSubscriber Access Only
I know from experience what happens when children face moving, divorce, or other stressful life change—and how we can help them.
Q+A with Adam Grant: Does Our Calling Make Us More Creative?Subscriber Access Only
The author of ‘Originals’ talks about how faith factors into our ideas and work.
How Neuroscience—and the Bible—Explain ShameSubscriber Access Only
Psychiatrist Curt Thompson examines the complicated emotion.
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Why Adult Coloring Works for ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
I mocked the coloring book trend, until I discovered it for myself.
A Unified Church Is Gospel WitnessSubscriber Access Only
In a society rife with racial conflict, US evangelicals are in a unique position to build cross-cultural bridges.
Christian Counseling in LimboSubscriber Access Only
Allegations against Mercy Multiplied reveal the range of faith-based approaches to mental health.
Why You Can Still Bet Your Life on ChristSubscriber Access Only
An updated version of Pascal’s wager offers a powerful argument for Christian commitment.
How Victims of Sexual Abuse Can Get the Better of SatanSubscriber Access Only
A Christian therapist shares lessons from 25 years of counseling survivors.
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If We Can’t ‘Fear Not,’ Let’s Fear BetterSubscriber Access Only
How to show love in a time of terror.
All Christians Are Biased VotersSubscriber Access Only
Three factors besides faith that shape our politics.
A Psychologist Faces Her Own AnxietySubscriber Access Only
How a therapist who knew it all is learning to let it go.
How a PTSD Diagnosis Can Help, and HarmSubscriber Access Only
Psychological diagnoses can tell someone they are not alone. They can also be used to alienate even further.
Brené Brown: Why We Need to Own Our FailuresSubscriber Access Only
Our darkest chapters don’t require a Christian rewrite.
Inside Out: Let Yourself Feel All the FeelsSubscriber Access Only
Why Christians can embrace Disney-Pixar's affirmation of sadness.
Understanding the Transgender PhenomenonSubscriber Access Only
The leading Christian scholar on gender dysphoria defines the terms—and gives the church a way forward.
Loving Individuals Who are Hurting: Tips on Navigating Trauma and Grief
How do you come alongside someone who is dealing with a traumatic situation? Psychologist Sarah Rainer helps.
Remembering the Gospel with Alzheimer’sSubscriber Access Only
Christian psychologist: ‘God has a way to reach them’
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining Denominations
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining DenominationsSubscriber Access Only
The 2020 project shows shifting complexity of organized religion.
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