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The Puritans Had Two Shots at Building a Godly Society
In both England and America, their political experiments collapsed. But they left behind a spiritual legacy that still inspires.
The Most Famous Metaphor of American Exceptionalism Is a Warning, Not a Boast
John Winthrop’s “city upon a hill” language wasn’t meant to puff up his hearers with pride but to send a chill down their spines.
Let’s Talk About the Decline of Conversation in the Church
The modern world has crippled our capacity for speaking with one another. How can we restore this dying art?
Marilynne Robinson’s Celebration of Humanity Is Brilliant but Incomplete
Insights from some of her heroes, like John Calvin and the Puritans, would help round out the picture.
Moms Have Always ‘Worked.’ Just Ask the Puritans.
5 things I've learned from an early American vision of the household.
Do We Treat Sunday the Way the Earliest Christians Did?Subscriber Access Only
Historian Justo González charts how observance of the Lord’s Day has changed over time.
What's the Matter with Cotton Mather?Subscriber Access Only
Rick Kennedy rewrites the reputation of a reviled Puritan leader.
Christians' Pro-Vaccines HistorySubscriber Access Only
Meet the Puritan who helped to eradicate smallpox.
Meet the New Kingdom InvestorsSubscriber Access Only
A new model of Christian stewardship is scalable, global, and can compete with China. It will just cost you $100,000 to join the cause.
Psalm Book's Astronomical Price Eclipses Lunar Bible SaleSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) America's oldest book is now also the world's most expensive. Meanwhile, these Bibles actually went to the moon.
The Real Value of a College EducationSubscriber Access Only
Why Christians might challenge the view of college as an investment
Go Overboard Celebrating ChristmasSubscriber Access Only
A godliness that won't delight in fudge and eggnog is no godliness at all.
Yes, Holiness Does Require EffortSubscriber Access Only
Kevin DeYoung responds to Mark Galli and our other reviewers.
Polishing the Puritan ImageSubscriber Access Only
A recent introduction to Puritan history rehabilitates their reputation and legacy.
A Believer's Last Day, His Best DaySubscriber Access Only
A Puritan funeral sermon sets death in its true perspective.
Holy Week Reflections from a 16th Century Bestselling AuthorSubscriber Access Only
‘The Practice of Piety’ by Lewis Bayly was the most popular book in Puritan England.
Bye-Bye, Blue Laws?Subscriber Access Only
God's Chemo for My Cancered SoulSubscriber Access Only
Puritan theologian John Owen diagnosed the disease of sin and pointed to the cure.
Anne Bradstreet
America's first poet
John Milton
Puritan author of Paradise Lost
The Hidden Cost of Tax Exemption
The Hidden Cost of Tax Exemption
Churches may someday lose their tax-exempt status. Would that be as bad as it sounds?
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