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Christian Orgs Labeled Hate Groups on Top Charity SiteSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) GuideStar adopts and then drops Southern Poverty Law Center’s controversial designations.
'19 Kids and Canceled': TLC Cans Duggar Reality TV Show Subscriber Access Only
"We have committed to Him that in all things—difficulties or success, good times or bad."
Josh Duggar of '19 Kids and Counting' Apologizes, Resigns after Reports of Molesting 5 Young GirlsSubscriber Access Only
Police investigated sexual assaults in 2006, but no charges were brought against Duggar. TLC pulls program from its lineup.
Top Three Adversaries of Christian Conservatives: Communism, Islam ... and the Emergent Church?Subscriber Access Only
Pioneer of biblical investing will take aim at unexpected target during Values Voter Summit.
Abusing the Megaphone Subscriber Access Only
Caustic rhetoric undermines Family Research Council's post-shooting response.
Fact-Checking Claims about Planned ParenthoodSubscriber Access Only
Congress is expected to vote today on a resolution that would eliminate any federal funding for Planned Parenthood or its affiliates.
The Politics of PrayerSubscriber Access Only
When is it okay to bring the Bible into a political fight?
Obama Celebrates Gay Pride MonthSubscriber Access Only
This week's culture war flashpoints: Father's Day and Home Depot.
Glenn Beck, FRC Shift Aim From 'Social Justice' to Jim WallisSubscriber Access Only
Meanwhile, Land and Mohler dismiss broadcaster's earlier comments as "nonsense."
Beyond Abortion: The New Debate Over the Health Care Bill DebateSubscriber Access Only
From Family Research Council to Sojourners, disappointment over both policy and procedure.
Will Abortion Derail Health Care Reform?Subscriber Access Only
The Senate moves closer to a vote on health care reform, groups argue over presidential appointments, and the Family Research Council issues a correction.
Health Care CacophonySubscriber Access Only
Plus: D.C. debates gay marriage, President Obama approves a new hate crimes law, and other issues advocacy groups were talking about this week.
'Tell Someone'? We TriedSubscriber Access Only
Yes, HPV causes cervical cancer. Why did people scoff eight years ago, when we wanted to warn them?
Saying Judges More Dangerous than Terrorists, FRC Recruits Pulpits Against FilibustersSubscriber Access Only
Plus: County board doesn't have to allow Wiccan prayer, priest leaves Episcopal Church for druidism, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Indecency ProposalSubscriber Access Only
Á la carte cable pits wholesomeness against evangelism.
What If They Threw a Judicial Confirmation Battle and Nobody Came?Subscriber Access Only
Though Roberts nomination looks certain, groups say they'll spend resources on the debate—and set the stage for the next one.
They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Ad Hominem AttacksSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Bill Clinton on bearing false witness, and the Olympics that began with Greek paganism ends with a former priest's apocalypticism.
To Spank or Not to Spank?Subscriber Access Only
A 6th-century abbot and a group of 17th-century Calvinist divines weigh in on the issue
When Mother's Day Is HardSubscriber Access Only
Taking solace in Scripture's difficult and unsentimental image of motherhood.
Amending MarriageSubscriber Access Only
Christians in Massachusetts are playing catch-up to protect the age-old institution.

Top Story July 5, 2020

Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.

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