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Décès de C. René Padilla, père de la mission intégrale.
Il poussait les évangéliques à voir l'action sociale et l'évangélisation comme « les deux ailes d'un avion ».
The 50 Countries Where It’s Most Dangerous to Follow Jesus in 2021
Latest report on Christian persecution finds 3 in 4 martyrs are in Nigeria, ranked among 10 worst persecutors for first time.
D. L. Mayfield: The American Dream Makes Four False Promises
The writer and activist measures them against the promises of Scripture and finds them wanting.
The Case for Sheltering in Place Without Screens
Our lives have gotten smaller. We can also make them simpler.
5 Books on How to Give (and Receive) Blessings
Chosen by Tina Boesch, author of 'Given: The Forgotten Meaning and Practice of Blessing' (NavPress).
Counseling Others When You Have Your Own "Me Too" Story
How to walk alongside sexual assault victims when you’ve been a victim yourself
Is Seminary Part of Your Calling?
Sitting at the feet of Jesus might mean getting a degree
The Six Cs of Life-Transformative Preaching
There’s a massive difference between being a great communicator and being a great communicator of the gospel.
The Monuments Men
Shouldn't we expect more from our art?
'Bible' Miniseries Year's Most-Watched Cable TV Show, DVD Sales Booming
(UPDATED) Sequel set to air on NBC this fall will pick up where 'The Bible' left off "in the dark days after Jesus' betrayal and death."
What Jesus Never Said
He taught us not to judge others—or ourselves. A review of '10 Things Jesus Never Said.'
The Tebow Bump
Everybody's searching for John 3:16 this morning.
Tyndale's Betrayal and Death

Top Story June 25, 2021

Dads: Put Down the Shotguns and Let Your Daughters Go
Dads: Put Down the Shotguns and Let Your Daughters Go
Scripture portrays young women not as their fathers’ pets but as pillars in God’s kingdom.

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