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Baltimore Pastor Sees Long-Term Solution to Food Insecurity: Black Church Farms
Christian food ministries are stretched to the limit by 2020 needs as crises reveal deeper problems.
Died: John Lewis, Preaching Politician and Civil Rights Leader
From Freedom Rides to March on Washington, Selma protest, and House of Congress, he showed that "Sometimes you have to find a way to get in trouble, good trouble."
Don’t Scoff at ‘Social Justice.’ Don’t Anchor Yourself to It, Either.
Today’s progressive activists have plenty in common with the biblical prophets. But some differences are too vast to ignore.
Umat Kristen Hong Kong Menanggapi Peningkatan Kekerasan di Beijing
Para pendeta bertobat dari tetap diam demi untuk melindungi pelayanan dengan mengorbankan keadilan.
I Have Only One Hope for Racial Justice: A God Who Conquered Death
Christians coming to terms with racism need to be re-enchanted by the Resurrection.
Burl Cain Promises ‘Good Praying’ for Mississippi Prisons. It’s Not Enough.
For too long, evangelicals have compromised with the punitive politics of law and order.
Hong Kong Christians Respond as Beijing’s Grip Tightens
Pastors repent for staying silent to protect ministry at the expense of justice.
Race, Gospel, and Justice, part 5: A Conversation with Esau McCaulley
Discussing how to address issues of race and justice with an African American New Testament scholar.
휴스턴에 복음의 유산을 남긴 조지 플로이드
평화로운 성격의 소유자였던 ‘빅플로이드’는 저소득층 지역을 향한 사역의 기회를 열었던 인물이다.
Race, Gospel, and Justice, Part 4: Esau McCaulley on Protests and Riots
There needs to be a public and robust statement that the followers of Jesus are on the side of those who are being unjustly treated.
Race, Gospel, and Justice, Part 3: Esau McCaulley on the Bible and History
A holistic Christian discipleship addresses our personal morality, our need for fidelity to the one true God, and the need for Christians as a part of our witness to the coming kingdom to push back upon the systems of oppression.
White Pastors: Our Decision to Show Up Matters
It takes humility to be an ally. Even if we make mistakes, we need to do it.
George Floyd a laissé un héritage évangélique à Houston
En tant que personne de paix, «Big Floyd» a ouvert la porte à des opportunités de ministère dans les projets de logement de Third Ward.
George Floyd dejó un legado evangélico en Houston
Como persona de paz, "Big Floyd" abrió oportunidades para el ministerio con proyectos de vivienda en la zona conocida como "Third Ward".
George Floyd Meninggalkan Warisan Injil di Houston
Sebagai sosok yang tenang, "Big Floyd" membuka peluang pelayanan di proyek perumahan bersubsidi Third Ward.
George Floyd deixou um legado cristão em Houston
Como pessoa de paz, "Big Floyd" abriu oportunidades ministeriais em comunidades carentes.
George Floyd Protests Mark a Turning Point for Minneapolis Evangelicals
From cleanup efforts to sermons against systemic racism, local pastors say an effective response requires they listen to the communities hurting the most.

Top Story August 9, 2020

How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
As Christian parents, our children must know we will keep them safe. But that does not mean keeping them comfortable.

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