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Samoa Bans Kids from Church as Measles Outbreak Kills 63
Advent will be “mellow” on South Pacific island as government restricts public gatherings amid vaccination campaign.
Nobodies Were the First to Know
When God announced the birth of Christ to sweaty, uncouth shepherds, he signaled something important about the kind of Messiah he was sending.
Defining Leadership: What Is It and Why Does It Matter in Church?
Leadership is a key component in the health of any church or ministry.
Amid Christian Crackdown, China Recognizes Missionary Lottie Moon’s Church
The historic designation comes as the government shuts down fellow Christian congregations in the province, leaving advocates to wonder whether it represents propaganda or progress.
LGBT Rights-Religious Liberty Bill Proposed in Congress
Fairness for All advocates hope legislation makes compromise seem possible.
Cultivating a Positive Church CultureSubscriber Access Only
This resource will help you evaluate your church's or ministry's current culture and make changes that will benefit your staff, your ministry team, and the entire church.
Developing a Culture of StewardshipSubscriber Access Only
This resource is designed to help you address the spiritual implications of money and create a church culture that values joyful, sacrificial giving.
Egypt’s Christian Women Treated Like Muslims in Inheritance. Until Now?
Meanwhile, Coptic activist who insists true religious equality does not yet exist goes to prison on terrorism charges.
What Does the Bible Have to Say about Leadership?
We must allow Scripture to guide us as leaders without losing sight of all the other wisdom the Bible provides to us. 
What It Means that Jesus Was ‘Without Sin’
It is central to our faith that Jesus shared our nature. Does that include its fallenness?
629 Pakistani Girls Trafficked to China as Brides
Poor Christians were a new target of brokers in 2019, AP investigation finds.
‘Divine Collision’ in Uganda Changed New Pepperdine President’s Life
Before he was named to the university’s top post, law professor Jim Gash helped free a falsely convicted teen in East Africa and became an advocate for justice reform.
Alister McGrath: Both Science and Stories Declare God’s Glory
The Oxford scholar reflects on the interface between faith and science and how narratives draw us toward belief.
‘The Two Popes’ Pits Tradition Against Progress
What the new Netflix drama can teach us about the interdependency of orthodoxy and reform.
Biblical Literalism among American Protestants
Pastors, denominational leaders, and curious Christians need to be reassured—American Christianity is not becoming more liberal.
Wayne Grudem Tells Us Why He Changed His Divorce Position
What the complementarian theologian learned after an in-depth study of this New Testament verse.
Ethiopia Grants Autonomy to Evangelical Heartland
After historic and nearly unanimous referendum, Sidama declared 10th regional state.
Remember the Future
Advent reminds us we've already seen it.
Evangelical Giving Holds Steady Despite Tax Reform
Though far fewer Americans are writing off charitable donations, most ministries reported stable giving last year. Denominations saw the biggest decline.
Being a Pastor: A Perilous Profession, Part 2
One needs to know the warning signs of burnout and look to ways to activate support and self-care and to discern a clearer alignment with God’s sustainable calling.
LGBT Rights-Religious Liberty Bill Proposed in Congress
LGBT Rights-Religious Liberty Bill Proposed in Congress
Fairness for All advocates hope legislation makes compromise seem possible.
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