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Religious Freedom Ambassador Nominee Goes Before Senate
Rashad Hussain, who would be the first Muslim to hold the position, is seen as a defender of religious minorities including Christians around the world.
Ahora todos somos bautistas… Así que no nos peleemos como si lo fuéramos
La democracia estadounidense y el cristianismo democratizado se enfrentan a crisis similares de desunión. 
No hay más héroe que Cristo
Cuando dividimos la iglesia en buenos y malos, le robamos la gloria a Dios.
The Paradox of Playfulness
Christians can engage in whimsy not because life is easy, but because life is difficult.
Is Anyone Taking Care of the Wounded Healers?
Humanitarian workers are crucial to our collective survival... but they are not okay.
Worried Christians ‘Wait and See’ After Sudan Coup
With believers unable to communicate, international advocates weigh in on how the Sudanese church—buoyed by recent religious freedom gains—considers the military seizure of power.
Ghana Churches Push Law to Combat Promotion of Homosexuality
Parliament is set to debate a controversial bill that would increase sentences for same-sex relationships and ban advocacy rights groups.
OctoberEpisode 21
We Know Things Are Bad in Haiti. What’s the Way Forward?
An assassination, an earthquake and ongoing kidnappings on top of a dysfunctional republic. One reporter—herself a Haitian immigrant—explains why she still has hope for Haiti.
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Over Half of Non-Churchgoers Believe That Local Churches Don’t Care For Their Well-Being. Are They Wrong?
We must engage in meaningful conversations about mental and emotional health.
Realmente estamos en el mismo equipo
Aunque nos resulte difícil de creer, los cristianos tenemos todo lo necesario para «ser uno».
¿Qué viene después del movimiento exgay? Lo mismo que vino antes.
Los líderes evangélicos de la vieja escuela alguna vez conocieron el valor del «cuidado» sobre la «cura».
Afghan Muslims Are Asking Questions. These Christians Are Ready to Answer.
From sharing online messages about Jesus to serving in resettlement communities, church leaders approach this missional moment with prayer and patience.
Haiti Gang Threatens to Kill Kidnapped Missionaries over Million Dollar Ransoms
Christian Aid Ministries asks for prayer as families of 16 Americans and one Canadian state, “God has given our loved ones the unique opportunity to live out our Lord’s command to love your enemies.”
‘The Native Story’ with Mark Charles
We must face uncomfortable truths, decolonize the gospel, and learn how understanding trauma can lead to reconciliation.
Suicídio de adolescentes: igreja não pode passar mensagens contraditórias sobre saúde mental
Como os ministérios podem ajudar a conseguir o apoio de que os jovens precisam.
O casamento cristão exige que sondemos nossos desejos, não que os ocultemos
Ser fiel a um cônjuge requer viver em comunidade, buscar a Deus diariamente e aprender com nossos irmãos e irmãs celibatários.

Top Story October 27, 2021

A Court Win for One Pro-Life Med Student Raises Concerns for Others
A Court Win for One Pro-Life Med Student Raises Concerns for Others
In Canada, Christians who want to be doctors have questions about religious liberty and their right to express unpopular opinions on social media.

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