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Bavaria Requires Crosses on All Public Buildings. Church Leaders Disagree.
German Christians debate whether conservative state’s new law honors or hijacks the core symbol of their faith.
The Biblical Meaning of ClothingSubscriber Access Only
It takes on special significance throughout the arc of Scripture.
Above All Earthly MetaphorsSubscriber Access Only
No one image captures all of God. That’s why the Bible uses so many.
Mt. Soledad Cross Controversy Ends after 25 YearsSubscriber Access Only
Veterans memorial symbolized debate over keeping crosses public by neutering their religious meaning.
When God Wears a CostumeSubscriber Access Only
Why we need symbols in order to see him.
He Will Raise You Up on Vultures' WingsSubscriber Access Only
What I learned from bird-watching for Jesus.
My Cross to WearSubscriber Access Only
Christian icons are back in fashion… and more subversive than ever.
4,500 Crosses Are Not a Church-State Problem—Unless in Shape of Giant CrossSubscriber Access Only
Theft of Colorado display on childhood poverty sparks debate over public religious symbols.
Slovakia Euro Will Have Halos and Crosses After AllSubscriber Access Only
Countries had complained about coin intended to raise awareness of 9th-century missionaries.
Jesus Statue Survives Atheist Legal Challenge, Thanks to SnowboardersSubscriber Access Only
Federal judge rules in favor of statue’s cultural and historical significance
The 'Handicap Icon' Gets New LifeSubscriber Access Only
New York’s revamped accessibility symbol began at a Christian college.
The Golden Fish
How God woke me up in a dream.
'God' on the Campaign TrailSubscriber Access Only
Romney campaigns on keeping 'God' on our coins (and in his heart) after Democratic Party debate.
Why the 9/11 Cross Should Offend All of UsSubscriber Access Only
The symbol might actually cause 'dyspepsia, symptoms of depression, headaches, anxiety, and mental pain and anguish.'
Cross ExaminationSubscriber Access Only
Italian crucifix case creates a mixed bag.
Should the Supreme Court Rule that Memorial Crosses are Secular?Subscriber Access Only
Church leaders and observers weigh in on a current debate.
Deep and WideSubscriber Access Only
A dive into Reformation imagery yields striking new insights, while a drive-by church history overview largely disappoints.
Do You Know the History of the Christian Flag?Subscriber Access Only
White represents purity and peace, blue indicates fidelity, and red stands for Christ's blood sacrifice.
What is the origin of the Christian fish symbol?Subscriber Access Only
A closer look at the ancient Ichthys
The Most Diverse Movement in History
The Most Diverse Movement in History
Christianity has been a multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic movement since its inception.
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