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‘These Bombs Led Me to Christ’
The “Napalm Girl” from a famous Vietnam War photo tells her story of coming to faith.
US Wants Answers on Evangelical Persecution—in MexicoSubscriber Access Only
Indigenous converts still facing "widespread discrimination, violence, and displacement," advocates say.
Avoiding the Pitfall of Syncretism
Churches and pastors must respect the razor's edge between obscurantism and syncretism.
Discipleship Is MessySubscriber Access Only
Insider movements can lead to syncretism, yes. But less so if we all stay connected.
What to Do with Aunt JulieSubscriber Access Only
Harold Camping and our problem relatives.
Sweat Lodge PrayersSubscriber Access Only
Native Christians wrestle with faith and tradition.
Warning on WitchesSubscriber Access Only
Missionaries may be encouraging witchcraft accusations.
Priest Pressured to Give Up Muslim LentSubscriber Access Only
The Rev. Steve Lawler faced being defrocked if he continued to practice Islamic rituals for Lent.
Muslims in Evangelical ChurchesSubscriber Access Only
Does loving your neighbor mean opening your doors to false worship?
The Refugee Pastor That CouldSubscriber Access Only
As a teen growing up in Tennessee, Chansamone Saiyasak vowed to return to Thailand. And he did—with remarkable results.
The Lord Who Acts Like ItSubscriber Access Only
Where did we get the idea that the church should be a place that makes people feel comfortable?
Mother's Day Worship?Subscriber Access Only
Leaders weigh in on whether churches should celebrate Mother’s Day in worship services.
Out of ContextSubscriber Access Only
Debate over 'Camel method' probes limits of Muslim-focused evangelism.
Box Office PantheismSubscriber Access Only
Critiques of Avatar's spirituality should be winsome—and prophetic.
Selling Jesus to Optimistic AmericaSubscriber Access Only
How the positive thinking movement has shaped the church.
A Statement On Prosperity TeachingSubscriber Access Only
From the Lausanne Theology Working Group, Africa chapter at its consultations in Akropong, Ghana, 8-9 October, 2008 and 1-4 September 2009
Should Christians Fast During Ramadan With Muslims?Subscriber Access Only
Church leaders and observers weigh in on a current debate.
Who's Afraid of Witches?Subscriber Access Only
Among African Christians, too many of us are.
Muslim Priest and Buddhist Bishop-Elect Are Raising Questions About SyncretismSubscriber Access Only
For years, Episcopal Church leaders have taught that God can be found in other faiths. Now some clergy are pursuing him there.
Salvation through Buddhism?Subscriber Access Only
Exclusivist view of Christianity might not be so rare.

Top Story May 30, 2020

George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects.

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