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Helping Churches Think Through Innovation and Technology in Today’s Context
With the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, many have reminded church leaders how they need to be innovating.
How Artificial Super-Intelligence Is Today’s Tower of Babel
Mimicking the human brain might be man’s search for significance in himself.
Conspiracy Theories, Engaging Online, and Wisdom: The Intersection of the Three and How to Respond Biblically
While social media offers amazing opportunities to connect and learn, it seems that every new day brings new stories of awfulness.
Died: Francis I. Andersen, Scholar Who Used Computers to Study the Bible
He found ‘awesome reality of a living God’ in the grammar and syntax of Hebrew Scripture.
The Church Proved It Can Get Creative. Let’s Not Stop Adapting.
How rethinking worship can improve accessibility for people with disabilities.
How Christians Are Hacking Their Way to Coronavirus Help
Introducing new technology to connect patients and families, an app to support for caregivers, and more opportunities for crowdfunding.
Overcoming the Panes of Loneliness
A pastor identifies three pieces of glass that isolate us from our neighbors and communities.
Welcome, New Pastor, to Our Empty Church
Congregations and pastoral candidates are adapting the hiring process and getting to know each other online.
Churches: Don’t Get Too Comfortable Online
Digital worship is a necessary stopgap under pandemic conditions. But in the long run, in-person fellowship is indispensable.
Christian Apps Are Moving from ‘Pray More’ to ‘Calm Down’
New mindfulness resources help users find rest in God.
See, I Zoom You With My Own Hand
I don’t like it when technology gets between me and the church. Neither did the apostle Paul.
Easter Was the Bible App’s Biggest Day Ever
During the locked-down holiday, 40.6 million people read Scripture on the popular app.
Ten Things Your Church Should Have in Place Right Now
What are the most urgent things we can be doing as the church is scattered?
Coronavirus Searches Lead Millions to Hear About Jesus
Tens of thousands have clicked to pray for salvation since the outbreak. Is the increase temporary or a harbinger of greater gospel witness online?
Please Don’t Make “How Many Watched Online?” Our New Ministry Metric
While necessary right now and important in the future, we can't close our eyes to the downsides of online church.
A Little Bird Told Me ...Subscriber Access Only
Ministry wisdom can be found anywhere, even on Twitter.
Online Tools to Maximize the Good News During the COVID-19 Crisis
Today’s technological advances have welcomed a new kind of gathering.
I Just Subscribed To More Than 100 Church YouTube Channels – Here’s Why You Should, Too
Here's a simple way to help online churches reach even more people through YouTube.
Online Communion Can Still Be Sacramental
The bread and the cup Zoomed for you.
Facebook Live Bloopers: Church Edition
Church leaders are navigating new digital waters, with some hilarious results.

Top Story July 12, 2020

The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
To bear the image of God is a declaration of dignity that challenges power.

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