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Bringing a Tent Peg to a Sword FightSubscriber Access Only
Why God sends his people into battle armed with the tools of everyday life.
Christ's Confident Resolve
What Jesus' arrest and trial can teach us about facing opposition.
Suffering and Submission in Gethsemane
Even as Jesus struggled, he was resolute about what he wanted most of all.
Mary’s Perfume Points Us Toward the Cross
Her extravagant gesture exemplifies utter devotion.
I Don’t Know Why the Atonement ‘Works,’ But I Know It DoesSubscriber Access Only
Christ taking our place on the cross doesn’t always make sense. It doesn't have to.
What the Kavanaugh Saga Says About Our View of Sin
Our political loyalties often prevent us from thinking biblically about the human condition.
What Trees Teach Us about Life, Death, and ResurrectionSubscriber Access Only
Other than God and people, they’re the most mentioned living thing in the Bible.
Why You Can’t Name the Virtues
Our culture has abandoned a wealth of teaching on character formation. Let’s revive these lost arts.
Bavaria Requires Crosses on All Public Buildings. Church Leaders Disagree.
German Christians debate whether conservative state’s new law honors or hijacks the core symbol of their faith.
Is the Wrath of God Really Satisfying?
God’s anger against sin is real on Good Friday, but he doesn’t “turn his face away” from the Cross.
What Dostoyevsky’s Prostitute Can Teach Us About the Cross
Crime, punishment, and Christ's easy yoke.
The Wrath the World NeedsSubscriber Access Only
An excerpt from ‘The Crucifixion,’ CT's 2017 Beautiful Orthodoxy Book of the Year.
Why Jesus, Not Salvation, Is God’s Greatest Gift to UsSubscriber Access Only
We’re too quick to see the What instead of the Who.
Awkward Church Stock Photos: The Scary CrossSubscriber Access Only
Back! Back, I say!
What Every Issue of CT Is AboutSubscriber Access Only
We are all 'part of a great and mighty cosmic work of God.'
Pastor of China's Largest Church Jailed for Protesting Removal of 1,500 CrossesSubscriber Access Only
Christian unity growing as government-approved churches no longer immune from persecution.
The Cross Alone Is Our TheologySubscriber Access Only
What must God be like? Jesus’ death upsets every simple answer.
Leading Lawyer Defending Crosses in ‘China’s Jerusalem’ Jailed Before Meeting US AmbassadorSubscriber Access Only
Zhang Kai among 270 people detained or arrested.
Mt. Soledad Cross Controversy Ends after 25 YearsSubscriber Access Only
Veterans memorial symbolized debate over keeping crosses public by neutering their religious meaning.
The God Who Cannot Suffer SufferedSubscriber Access Only
How the paradox comforts us in our own pain.
Top Story August 17, 2019
Put Not Your Trust in Credentials
Put Not Your Trust in Credentials
Chris Arnade’s moving account of “back-row America” made me reconsider my own definition of success.
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