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A Esperança da Ressurreição Se Estende Além do Domingo de Páscoa
Mesmo quando a morte vem, a Boa Nova permanece.
Lift Your Eyes Up
In a time of pandemic and panic, it's more important than ever to govern our powers of attention.
Resurrection Hope Extends Beyond Easter Sunday
Even when death looms, the Good News remains.
On the Cross and the Kingdom
The cross is an object for contemplation, but also an invitation: Go and do likewise.
Christ Suffered for Our Sins, but He Didn’t Go to Hell for Them
A theologian explores what did (and didn’t) happen on Holy Saturday.
The Resurrection Has Not Been Canceled
God is always in the business of bringing life out of death.
The Price of Faith in a Pandemic
In this Holy Week, in this season of the pandemic, there’s no following Christ without the cross.
Christian Zionism Isn’t the Caricature of Popular Imagination
It isn’t end-times fascination that explains the enduring bond between evangelicals and Israel.
أيها المسيحيّون، دعونا نُساهم في تسطيح المُنحنى، ولكن لِنبقَ "ديانة تهتم بالمرضى"
أطبّاء يتأمّلون لاهوتياً بثلاثة مُساهماتٍ مسيحية فريدة لاستعدادات فيروس كورونا المستجد (كوفيد-١٩)
Cosa Lutero Ci Insegna Sul Coronavirus
È fedele chi vuole sfuggire a un’epidemia? 
La riflessione del riformatore tedesco sulla peste può fungere da guida per i cristiani in Cina e dovunque il virus di Wuhan si è diffuso.
Let This Cup Pass
Jesus submitted to suffering, but he did not welcome it. Neither should we.
The Suffering in Suffering
There will come a day when the last tear is shed. Until then, God has made himself present in our affliction.
Cristianos, ‘aplanemos la curva’ pero sigamos siendo una ‘religión para los enfermos’
Los médicos reflexionan teológicamente sobre tres contribuciones cristianas distintivas a las preparaciones de COVID-19.
To Laugh at the Impossible
God delights in exploding our paltry concepts of what is possible.
Joy Is Wiser Than Sorrow
Joy is all but extinguished around us. It cannot be extinguished within us.
Chosen in the Furnace
Is there any sense in our suffering?
The First Word and the Last
A meditation on love in a time of affliction.
Christians, Let’s Flatten the Curve But Remain a ‘Religion for the Sick’
Physicians reflect theologically on three unique Christian contributions to COVID-19 preparations.
The Shepherd in the Dark
A daily meditation for a time of pandemic.
God, Relational Love, and Mediation
Douglas Campbell's stunning presentation of God's relational love

Top Story May 29, 2020

George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects.

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