Yes, Paul Really Taught Mutual Submission
Why Wayne Grudem’s interpretation of Ephesians 5:21 is untenable.
Goodbye Postmodernism, Hello Metamodernism
Our apologetics must evolve to engage with the new cultural mood of the next generations.
Conservative Methodists, Unite
After this week’s UMC votes on LGBTQ issues, African Methodists should join American conservatives in the new Global Methodist denomination.
Why Almost Nobody Likes a Politician Shooting Her Dog
The widespread outrage over Kristi Noem’s book should awaken moral responsibility—not just toward pets but for one another.
The Anxious Church
Why the church has struggled to address mental illness well and how we can care better.
Finding a (Real) Christian College
A professor explains why examining a school’s doctrinal statement isn’t enough.
Particular Wrongs Need Particular Remedies
Every sin requires Christ’s atonement. But the Bible shows God punishing—and repairing—different sins differently.
Billy Graham Preached at His Crusades. His Singers Believed They Were Preaching Too.
A late historian explores how crusade hymns told both the classic story of gospel salvation and the evolving story of evangelical worship music.
Care for the Environment Is Biblical. It’s Also a Witness to Environmentalists.
Do activists often invest their work with religious significance? All the more reason for Christians to be discerning co-laborers.
What Antisemitic Campus Chants Tell Us About This Angry Era
The rage of the mob is a poor substitute for real community.
Let the Cultural Christians Come unto Jesus
The world is realizing anew that our faith has tangible benefits. This is an opportunity for the gospel.
The Church Shouldn’t Be an Echo Chamber
Let us not give up meeting together—even when we disagree.
Eco-anxiety Is Crippling Gen Z. How Can We Move Forward?
Christians can disciple each other toward action, prayer, and hope.
Let the Seas Rise and Feed the Poor
Helping marine biodiversity flourish is a means of participating in God’s work, says an Indonesian theologian.
Criticizing Critical Race Theory—and Its Critics
A new book seems oddly outraged that CRT skeptics take its arguments seriously.
The Secret Sin of ‘Mommy Juice’
Alcoholism among women is rising. Can the church help?
How to Pray with ADHD
Christians with neurodivergence are exploring other options for devotions and Bible study.
Was Paul a Slave?
The surprising argument that Saul of Tarsus was born into bondage.
‘Bluey’: A Heavenly Vision of Life Together
The popular kids series reminds parents that playfulness is next to godliness.
You Can’t Reach People for Christ While Holding Their Culture at Arm’s Length
A veteran missiologist shares a lifetime of lessons on bringing the gospel into unfamiliar settings.

Top Story May 23, 2024

Be Quick to Listen, Slow to ‘Therapy Speak’
Be Quick to Listen, Slow to ‘Therapy Speak’
Using terms like trauma, abuse, and toxic too flippantly has consequences for our relationships.

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