Many Adventists in Asia and Africa Believe You Must Be Vegan to Be Saved
(UPDATED) As the church’s global growth continues, leaders must disentangle its “health message” from views on salvation.
Russell Moore: Real Christian Courage Looks like Elijah at His Most Pathetic
My caution to those who “stand for truth” by calling down “fire from heaven” upon its enemies.
Is COVID-19 God’s Punishment? African Christians Debate as Their Presidents Die
The deaths of Tanzania’s John Magufuli, announced today, and Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza last summer feed discussion over God’s approach to corporate sin and repentance.
LifeWay Research: U.S. Protestant Pastors See Gender Change as Immoral
As gender fluidity grows more accepted in wider culture, most Protestant pastors remain traditional.
How a Mother’s Love Built a School that Can Transform Hearts and Brains
Jacob’s Ladder challenges special education norms thanks to Amy O’Dell's relentless belief in her son.
The Digital Devil Looks to Devour
Scripture and sermon can hardly compete with the charms (‘prelest’) of cable news and Twitter.
A Kentucky Church’s Secret to Handling Abuse Allegations: Humility
Tates Creek Presbyterian won praise for its transparent investigation. Then it had to do it again.
The Story of Barabbas Is No Mere Prisoner Swap
Much more was at stake than a criminal’s fate or a crowd’s preference.
5 Books That Help Believers Persevere Through Doubt
Chosen by A. J. Swoboda, author of “After Doubt: How to Question Your Faith without Losing It.”
Gender-Identity Conversations Don’t Have to Be Scary
Preston Sprinkle gives guidance on thinking biblically and listening in love.
What the Hummingbird Shows Us About God’s Handiwork
When God seems invisible, he may just be moving faster than we can see.
Healing Is a Foretaste of Resurrection
Vaccines feel like a miracle. How much more the real miracle of eternal life?
Apologetics Can Flourish After RZIM. But Only With ‘Lowercase Leaders’ and the Local Church.
To detractors, Ravi Zacharias’s fall means the end of a movement. But his demise reminds us to deepen our core commitments to gospel work.
A Crack in the System: How Unfair Drug Sentencing Laws Disrupt Racial Justice
In the push for prison reform, Christians can stand against penalties that disproportionately affect minorities.
Died: Larry Walker, NIV Translator Who Loved Bible Details
Commitment to accuracy and inerrancy carried him through controversy.
Pandemic and Penitence: COVID-19 Has Re-Ordered What Matters Most
This Lent to forget will make us remember where our first loves reside.
How Luis Palau Shaped the Faith of Lee Strobel, Luis Bush, and Many More
12 evangelical leaders on what they’ll remember most about the mass evangelist.
Reinventing You
Re-entry into the world post-loss is a devastating process as grief shapes our identity in a myriad of ways.
Without Henrietta Mears, Evangelicalism as We Know It Probably Wouldn’t Exist
Meet the woman who mentored the leaders and fostered the institutions that fueled its 20th-century transformation.
Malaysian Christians Can Call God ‘Allah,’ Rules High Court
Decision ends a 35-year-old government ban on the usage of four Arabic words by Christian publications.

Top Story April 15, 2021

Five Ways Biblical Geography Shapes Our View of God’s Mission
Five Ways Biblical Geography Shapes Our View of God’s Mission
Tracing the terrain of Scripture’s stories shows us how God works in our physical world.

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