The Moral Order of the World Points to GodSubscriber Access Only
The so-called “moral argument” gives evidence of God’s existence. But it also points to his goodness and grace.
Love in the Desert of LentSubscriber Access Only
This season’s greatest gift has nothing to do with discipline.
God’s Mercies Aren’t So NewSubscriber Access Only
Why an ancient bishop taught new believers about grace using the Old Testament.
Fighting Anxiety With the Old TestamentSubscriber Access Only
The ancient Scriptures are a surprising source of support in our struggles with stress.
April FoolsSubscriber Access Only
Easter's joke is on us.
Partner ContentJasmine Holmes and the Power of Black Motherhood
Holding the tension between identity and hope
Whatever Your Secret Sins, the Psalms Will Give You the Courage to Come Clean
Hiding from God (and neighbor) is dehumanizing, but honest prayer and confession bring healing and freedom.
Let Bible Reading Get Back to BasicsSubscriber Access Only
The best tools and strategies are deceptively simple.
I Was Warned to Keep My Distance from ‘Infidels.’ Then One Prayed for My Family.Subscriber Access Only
How a son of the Arabian Gulf met the Son of God in a strange new place.
The ‘Over There’ Era of Missions Is OverSubscriber Access Only
Nowadays, the Western church needs to send ambassadors to its own culture.
Youth Ministry Needs Less Fun and More JoySubscriber Access Only
The collapse of an older, activities-driven model has created room for a gospel-centered alternative.
God Likes You. He Really Likes You!Subscriber Access Only
Scripture has a resounding reply to our doubts about his longing to be with us.
Five Books That Capture the Blessings of Getting OlderSubscriber Access Only
Chosen by Michelle Van Loon, author of "Becoming Sage: Cultivating Meaning, Purpose, and Spirituality in Midlife" (Moody Publishers).
Coronavirus and the Church: CT’s Latest News and Advice
Wisdom from Singapore, Seattle, Korea, Martin Luther, BSF, physicians, and more.
A Different Kind of Calling: Spiritual Disciplines in Uncertain Times
Spiritual disciplines matter all the time, but we need to be reminded of that in tumultuous times.
Before Christ Rose, He Was DeadSubscriber Access Only
The truth of Holy Saturday is that God is with us, even in our mortality.
A Nigerian Pastor Reflects on Partnering with Christ in Suffering
Christians can find a strange happiness as we grow in our willingness to face persecution.
7 Lessons from Singapore’s Churches for When the Coronavirus Reaches Yours
Advice from Christians in the “Antioch of Asia” on how your congregation can survive—and thrive—amid the COVID-19 outbreak.
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7 Lições das Igrejas de Singapura Para Quando o Coronavírus Chegar
Conselhos dos cristãos na “Antioquia da Ásia” sobre como sua congregação pode sobreviver—e prosperar—em meio ao surto de COVID-19.
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7 Lecciones Que Nos Da la Iglesia de Singapur Para Cuando el Coronavirus Nos Alcance
Consejos de cristianos en la “Antioquía de Asia” sobre cómo su congregación puede sobrevivir (y prosperar) en medio del brote de COVID-19.
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Top Story March 28, 2020

In Italy, I’ve Rediscovered the Power of Three Types of Prayer
In Italy, I’ve Rediscovered the Power of Three Types of Prayer
Psalms of lament felt hyperbolic before COVID-19. But amid 10,000 deaths, my locked-down church in Rome resonates with David more than ever.

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