Good Riddance to the Robert E. Lee Statue
The Civil War pitted principles against community. A Christian vision ties them together again.
Why I Voted For the Atheist President of Harvard’s Chaplain Group
Participating in interfaith work at the Ivy League university is a help not a hindrance to the exclusivist claims of Christian faith.
Is the Texas ‘Heartbeat Bill’ the End of Roe v. Wade?
A recent abortion ban isn’t the victory it seems. But it is a test run for pro-life Christians.
Let the Afghan Refugees Come Unto Me
In this global moment, we’re called to heed Christ’s command to open our hearts and hands.
Don’t Quit Twitter Yet. You Might Have a Moral Duty to Stay.
As leaders, how do we avoid the faults of online life without shirking our public responsibility?
Dari TV Host: Afghanistan Will Now See ‘Pure Christianity’
As satellite ministry becomes one of the few ways under the Taliban to reach local believers, SAT-7 Afghan pastor reflects on the gospel impact of the US military withdrawal.
Christian Virtue Strengthens the Social Justice Cause
Liberation from injustice starts with obedience to God and his moral order.
COVID-19 Killed Our Sense of Personal Progress
Scripture says that might be a good thing.
Died: Thomas McKenzie, Defender and Definer of Anglicanism
Pastor and author showed “The Anglican Way” to a growing number of evangelicals.
Haitians Worship at Damaged Churches as Gangs Offer Earthquake Aid
(UPDATED) Death toll passes 2,200 as Samaritan’s Purse field hospital opens in Les Cayes.
She Didn’t Believe, But God Heard Her Cry
I was privileged to be part of his answer.
Our Theology of Prayer Matters More than Our Feelings
For years I’d prayed as if my relationship with God depended on it. Now I view prayer differently.
How Should We Pray When We Suffer?
What looks like “resting in God” might actually be a mask for resignation.
8 Prayer Mentors from History
Prayer empowered them to live their faith with great courage. Their spiritual habits can breathe new life into our own.
Can This Texas Pastor Lay Hands on an Inmate During Execution?
Q&A with SBC minister Dana Moore on the power of prayer in a state death chamber.
It Takes a Village to Escape a Toxic Leader
What recent scandals teach us about “betrayal blindness” in both church and parachurch settings.
Was Afghanistan Worthwhile or Wasted? Christians Lament, Pray, and Learn as Taliban Retakes Control
As the world debates the US withdrawal, 15 leaders reflect on how they are applying their faith to understand how to best advocate for justice in the aftermath.
The Spiritual Discipline of Forgiving Total Strangers
How do Jesus’ commands apply when we are remote witnesses, not in-person victims?
The Church Has Helped to Heal Those It Once Hurt
We can imitate those in Acts 6 who responded to the needs of neglected and oppressed women.
I Went to Hollywood to Make My Own Music. Now I Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord.
How a celebrity vocal coach changed her tune after encountering the truths of Scripture.

Top Story October 18, 2021

Ravi Zacharias’s Daughter Steps Down to Launch New Ministry
Ravi Zacharias’s Daughter Steps Down to Launch New Ministry
Exit appears to mark end of internal struggle over RZIM culture review.

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