While We Were Still Criminals, Christ Died for Us
Sin and crime are no different in God’s eyes—so why do we forgive one and not the other?
What’s Up with Weird Bible Sex?
Why you shouldn’t skip over the R-rated parts of Genesis.
Died: Jack Hayford, Pentecostal Pastor Who Wrote ‘Majesty’
Foursquare leader put emphasis on praise and penned the most popular church song of the 1990s.
Christmas Epiphanies from the Ruins of Ukraine
As Putin professes a ceasefire over the Orthodox holiday and a famous Kyiv monastery cathedral changes hands, evangelical seminarians relate the toll of ten months of war.
How to Read Yourself Into Genesis
You’re part of the story of this dysfunctional family. And that’s a good thing!
The State of Quiet Time: Who’s Most Likely to Practice Daily Devotions
Survey finds that two-thirds of churchgoers set aside time with God at least every day, but practices vary.
The Relatable Zeal of Puritan Women
They were extremely into religion without being extreme.
5 Theology Books from the Global Church
Chosen by Geethanjali Tupps, CT Global books editor.
The Image of God in ‘Invisible Man’
Ralph Ellison’s novel depicts the quest for personal dignity in a society determined to deny it.
God Is the Good Samaritan
And he teaches us to value diversity and individuality.
To Dust We Will Return
In the New Year, we must view our time through a divine lens.
‘Carol of the Bells’ Is More Than a Christmas Favorite. It’s a Ukrainian Cry of Independence.
Composed during World War I, “Shchedryk” folk song has survived the Nazi, communist, and now commercial eras to remind and revive the ties of hearth and home.
Christmas Is a Happy Day for Broken Hearts
Because of Jesus, we are not like those who grieve without hope this holiday season.
Christmas Is a Myth (The Good Kind)
How the fact of the Incarnation fulfills the hopes of every culture.
Our Lady of Everywhere
5 questions about the global icon of Mary you see every Christmas.
Remember the Murdered Babies of Bethlehem at Christmas
Herod’s massacre of the innocents in Matthew 2 challenges us to participate in the “groans” of God’s world.
Ukraine Celebrates Christmas Twice. Now Its Orthodox Christians Can Too.
Breaking with tradition, local leaders grant permission to move celebrations from January 7 to December 25, continuing separation from Russia.
A Tale of Two Books, One Podcast, and the Contest over Christian Nationalism
Answering Stephen Wolfe’s arguments for blood, soil, and sedition.
10 Leaders Evangelicals Lost in 2022
Remembering a Bible smuggler, a speechwriter, a queen, and others.
CT’s Top 20 Stories of 2022
Heresies, harassment, and Her Majesty’s death: Here are the stories Christians engaged with this year.

Top Story February 2, 2023

Wang Yi: The Faithfully Disobedient Chinese Pastor
Wang Yi: The Faithfully Disobedient Chinese Pastor
A new book records the reflections on church and state in China by the imprisoned pastor and other house church leaders.

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