Christian College Boards: Stay Strong on Sexual Ethics
CCCU schools are facing intense pressure. But it’s an opportunity, not a siege.
‘How Could All the Prophets Be Wrong About Trump?’
After the 2020 election, a remnant of charismatic leaders are trying to revive their movement from within.
Interview: Reopening Muslim Minds to Freedom and Tolerance
Mustafa Akyol explains why his new book explores the history of apostasy laws, the sayings of Muhammad, and the prospects for greater pluralism in the Islamic world.
Philip Yancey: We’re Still Living in Fear, Still Need Amazing Grace
During a time of political divisions, the popular author urges fellow believers to “remember why we are here.”
Juneteenth and the Great Commission
Acknowledging the example of African American Christians to steward liberation for the church’s mission.
It’s Never Too Late to Forgive a Flawed Father—or to Ask How He Got His Scars
What an attention-starved son learned while reconstructing the life of his distant dad.
Meet the Conservative Evangelicals Practicing ‘Strategic Hibernation’ in the American Northwest
They might embrace their marginal status, but they don’t plan on staying marginal forever.
The American Church Is a Mess. But I’m Still Hopeful.
Attrition rates and leadership failures are only one part of the story.
SBC Polity Gives People in the Pews the Power to Stop Corrupt Leaders
This week at the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting, attendees will ask for change from the top. But regular members also bear responsibility.
Wheaton College New Endowed Chair of Biblical Evangelism
New faculty position to expand scholarship on biblical evangelism.
Why I Stopped Calling Parts of the Bible ‘Boring’
Scripture is a door and a feast if you ask the right questions.
Youth Pastors and Parents Cross Wires on the Core Purpose of Church
Sociologist Christian Smith says most American moms and dads see the Body as nothing more than a resource center for their kids.
Surprised by GriefEpisode 7|46 min
The Ministry of Showing Up
Hurting people need presence more than any other gift we can offer.
If Your Kid Leaves the Church, Don’t Despair. But Act Quickly.
There’s a window of opportunity to bring young adults back after they leave organized religion, says sociologist Melinda Lundquist Denton.
Accelerating the Great Commission: Better, More Effective Together
Article 4 in a series of articles based upon the Lausanne North America Listening Call.
3 Keys to Real Pandemic Recovery
The Old Testament offers a model for how to restore community and economic life after disaster.
Complementarians Aren’t Inherently Patriarchal
But they can be paternalistic. Here’s how to fix that.
For Cosmopolitan Christians, Secular Approval Is a Common Temptation
Elite believers often sound more like disciples of Jacques Derrida than Jesus Christ. That needs to change.
Rockets, Riots, Sermons, and Soccer: Christian Views on the Conflict in Gaza and Israel
(UPDATED) How a dozen Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians are trying to minister across the divide as Hamas and the IDF war once again.
Twentieth-Century Theology Lost Sight of Something Essential about the Trinity
It’s time to recover the teaching that Father, Son, and Spirit act as one, with no “division of labor” between them.

Top Story July 28, 2021

28 Abducted Baptist School Students Freed in Nigeria
28 Abducted Baptist School Students Freed in Nigeria
Parents reunite with sons and daughters at Bethel high school, yet more than 80 children remain with Kaduna kidnappers.

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