Los cristianos deberían abrir camino en materia de diversidad e igualdad
Nuestra fe nos llama a recibir a otros con los brazos abiertos, de la misma forma en que nosotros fuimos recibidos.
The Gospel Is the Giver of Salvation, Not Just the Gift
Too often, our (mis)understanding of the Good News devalues a vital, life-shaping, world-changing relationship with God himself.
Jesus Frees Men and Women to Ask ‘How Can I Serve?’ Not ‘Who’s in Charge?’
Our view of gender roles and relations should begin with Christ’s pattern of humility.
Let’s Talk About Race like Believers, Not Babel-ers
In Christ, we can handle even the toughest conversations without speaking past one another.
Single, Evangelical Women Are Counting the Cost of Staying in Church
A sociologist explores some of the factors driving them away, but her “accrued resentments” get in the way of a fair picture.
El evangelio no siempre tiene que venir con la llave de la casa
El poder de la hospitalidad introvertida en el extrovertido ministerio de la iglesia.
Why We Shouldn’t Practice Liturgy ‘A La Carte’
Stripping historical traditions from their theological context is trendy but problematic.
Blame David, Not Bathsheba. The Prophet Nathan Did.
In the Book of Samuel, three key voices say he’s the guilty one, not her.
The Struggle for Sri Lanka’s Second Birth
Christians have served well as our society fell apart amid economic crisis. But we still have work to do.
My Husband Died Suddenly in the Wilderness
As his widow, I live with grief every day. But I also live in the Good Shepherd’s grip.
백인 교회들이여, 이제 생명 존중의 관점으로 총기 이슈를 바라보아야 할 때입니다
총기 폭력을 종식시키기 위해 미국의 다수 기독교인은 불안을 떨쳐버리고 흑인 목회자들과 함께 일해야 합니다.
А я й мій дім чинитимемо опір Мамоні
Гроші обіцяють нам ні від кого не залежного достатку, але нам потрібне місце, де ми не могли б ні від кого сховатися.
The Masculinity Debate Needs Johnny Cash
America’s young men are disaffected and lonely. But lack of manliness is not the problem.
The Surge in Arab Seminary Studies
Unlike many American counterparts, evangelical institutions in Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine enjoy an influx of students as they serve beyond their ivory towers.
A Patriotism of Compassion, Not Pomp and Glory
Richard Mouw reflects on the moral and spiritual work of loving your country.
Who Pays the Price for Crisis Pregnancies?
Early pro-life advocates said “no” to abortion and “yes” to social safety nets for mothers. But most of today’s movement has lost that approach.

Top Story August 16, 2022

A Shelf Called Remember: How Frederick Buechner Built Up My Faith
A Shelf Called Remember: How Frederick Buechner Built Up My Faith
The late writer’s books upended the way I think about almost everything.

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