The World’s Logic Says Diversity Begets Division. Gospel Logic Says Otherwise.
Why the pursuit of unity isn’t as hopeless as it sometimes seems.
Tell Me Your Beliefs on Sex Without Telling Me Your Beliefs on Sex
Over time, our embodied lives reliably reveal the stories and myths that shape us.
Don’t Let Missions Fall Prey to ‘Genericide’
By broadening the concept of “missional” activity, are we diluting our focus on the core of the Great Commission?
What Ancient Italian Churches Tell Us About Women in Ministry
An artistic record challenges the idea that Christian leadership was always restricted to men.
How Kanye West’s Breakdown Makes Sense of Our Social Crisis
Evangelicals are part of the shock culture ecosystem that exploits celebrities.
Distinguishing Scripture from Hindu Mythology
Indian Christians grapple with heresies and cultural confusion.
Narnia was C.S. Lewis’s Literary Petri Dish
It provided a controlled environment where he could develop, observe, and test his ideas about life and faith.
First Study of Chinese Churches in Britain Examines Boom and Possible Bust
Pastors and theologians respond to opportunities and challenges in new study on explosive growth from Hong Kong immigration.
What Can Kids Draw from the Chess Cheating Controversy?
As chess champion Magnus Carlsen accuses an American grandmaster, coaches are trying to develop a virtuous love of the game in young players.
Loretta Lynn: A Coal Miner’s Daughter in the #MeToo Age
The late country music star modeled what church leaders need: A bold willingness to stand up for women.
No Doctrine of the Trinity Is an Island
As a new introduction emphasizes, the deep mysteries of Father, Son, and Spirit can’t be grasped in isolation.
‘Two Taels of Bread’ and Other East Asian Heresies
Misconceptions about Jesus, Scripture, and salvation prevail.
Before I Got Saved, I Got Shipped Off and Strung Out
First came Vietnam, then drug addiction. Somehow, God helped me survive.
Faith and Doubt Aren’t Black and White
Travis Dickinson shows believers how to question their beliefs without discarding them.
The Rise of the Pentecostal Fusionists
They’re uniting Spirit-led worship with the riches of historic church tradition, says a leading charismatic bishop.
5 Books on the History of Christian Parenting in America
Chosen by David P. Setran, author of “Christian Parenting: Wisdom and Perspectives from American History.”
Come On, Let Us Adore Him
Too many of our prayers rush past praise.
Bring Back Altar Calls
They could foster the worst in evangelical spirituality. But the best of it, too.
Negligence Is a Deadly Sin
The Bible is consistent in condemning shortcuts that hurt others. And they’re rife.
What the First Black Death Victim Wanted the World to Know
New research traces plague to historic Syriac Christian community.

Top Story December 6, 2022

Finding Common Ground in a Big Fish
Finding Common Ground in a Big Fish
Christian scholars look for ways to connect with Muslims over the shared story of Jonah.

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