The Mother of All Muddles
Evangelical theologians clash in public over what kind of body Jesus Christ has following his resurrection.
Can Evangelicalism Survive Its Success?
For 50 years our churches and institutions have flourished in the American marketplace. Our challenge now is to make sure we do not rob the gospel of its power to convict and convert.
Surgeon on a Mission
With prayer and self-discipline, Ben Carson overcame poverty to become America’s leading pediatric neurosurgeon.
Missions Theology: ‘Third World’ Theologians Meet
Albania Awakens from Atheism
Afraid of Heaven
The Dreadful Harvest
The Eternal Weight of Glory
Heaven & Hell: Who Will Go Where and Why
Instead of going to the movies to learn about the afterlife, three theologians look to Scripture for teaching on the reward of the blessed and the fate of the damned.
Two Fallacies about Leisure
Teach Us to Play, Lord
We have long affirmed the Protestant work ethic. We need a leisure ethic to match.
Fiddling on the Brink of Hell
How We Became the “Great Satan”
God Lite
We may wish for a God of love without law, but we would not want what our wishes would give.
We Believe
The theological mainstream that issues from the Church’s early centuries provides the only hope of Christian unity in a Postmodern world.

Top Story May 28, 2024

Pastors Will Try to Spare South Africa’s Tense Elections from Violence
Pastors Will Try to Spare South Africa’s Tense Elections from Violence
Oscar Siwali is mobilizing conflict mediators as the country goes to the polls. He only wishes his organization could train more.

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