One study says the term most associated with Christian is “anti-gay.” But the culture war often obscures how, within actual Christian communities, discussion on homosexuality is often personal, nuanced, and difficult. What does it mean to be “gay”? How should we interact with friends, family members, and neighbors who experience same-sex attraction, or who are in same-sex relationships? Does the church have more to say to homosexuals than “don’t act on your attractions”?

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Just Saying 'No' Is Not Enough
Just Saying 'No' Is Not EnoughSubscriber Access Only
Just Saying 'No' Is Not Enough
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No Easy VictorySubscriber Access Only
"A plea from a Christian husband and father who, day by day, resists his homosexual desires."
The Importance of Being Queer
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The church’s response to the LGBT movement must be that matter matters.