C.S. Lewis: His simple life and extraordinary legacy



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It’s been nearly half a century since C.S. Lewis’s death in 1963, but this life-long professor of medieval literature remains one of the best-selling Christian authors today. And it’s not just Christians who appreciate him. In 2008, The Times of London ranked him eleventh on their list of "the 50 greatest British writers since 1945."


One reason for his enduring popularity was Lewis' ability to write engagingly in all sorts of formats, from children’s fiction to academic treatises. As Christopher Mitchell, director of the Marion E. Wade Center at Wheaton College, says, "Lewis had just remarkable instincts about what to address and what not to address and how to address it."


This CT Essentials is a concise, engaging introduction to the man and his legacy. Spend an evening with this eBook, and you’ll want to spend a lifetime reading Lewis.


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Table of Contents:




Chapter 1: Mere Christian: A Sketch of His Life / Lewis’s Family


Chapter 2: The Joys of Friendship / A Gallery of Friends


Chapter 3: The Postman’s Knock: Lewis’s Personal Correspondence / Meeting Children as Equals


Chapter 4: Mind in Motion: Lewis’s Philosophical Journey / Lewis’s Intellectual Mentors


Chapter 5: Into the Land of Imagination


Chapter 6: Training Hearts to See the Real


Chapter 7: Following that Bright Blur: Lewis’s Theology


Chapter 8: Making Doctrine Dance


Chapter 9: Faith and Grief: Lewis the Iconoclast


Chapter 10: Western Civilization at the Crossroads: Lewis’s Approach to History


Chapter 11: C.S. Lewis Superstar: How He Became a Rock Star for Evangelicals


Epilogue: The Jack I Knew: A Conversation with Lewis’s Stepson


Appendix 1: Timeline: Lewis’s Life and Works


Appendix 2: Recommended Resources


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