How to Pick a President



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Daniel Taylor
Mark McCloskey
Amy Black
Chuck Colson
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Presidential election season is more like a blizzard than a calm spring day. The closer we get to the election, the stronger and more passionate the winds of opinion expressed. It can be both confusing and frustrating. Is there a way to separate the wheat from the chaff of political conversation to make an informed and, especially, a decision grounded in Christian faith?


The nationally respected authors of this Essentials volume believe there is. This eBook won’t tell you who to vote for or where you should stand on the issues. But the essays and interviews—the very best articles on this topic we have published in Christianity Today—will help you think more wisely and Christianly about elections, politics, and the American presidency.


Included in How to Pick a President is a study guide so that individuals and groups can think and discuss together the issues raised in this book and in the current election.


The first is How to Pick a President. It wraps previous Christianity Today essays about the principles of politics around this issue’s cover story (page 18) to provide a really good evening’s read when so much political talk leaves a bad taste behind.


We've included an expanded interview with Gary Scott Smith on the role of faith in presidential policies.  We've also gathered the best and most timely articles we've published on this topic, including the CT classic, "How to Pick a President," by Daniel Taylor and Mark McCloskey. On top of that, the eBook includes a discussion guide to help groups together talk through the issues biblically.


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Table of Contents
Mark Galli
Chapter 1: How to Pick a President: Why Virtue Trumps Policy
Mark McCloskey and Daniel Taylor
Chapter 2: What to Look for in a President: Three More Views
Amy Black, Chris Seiple, and Galen Carey
Chapter 3: The Difference Faith Makes in the White House
An interview with Gary Scott Smith
Chapter 4: How to Discuss Politics Like a Christian
Amy Black
Chapter 5: Gladly Doing Our Civic Duty
Chuck Colson, with Anne Morse
Appendix 1: A Theological Guide to 7 Key Issues
The National Association of Evangelicals
Discussion Guide


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