Jesus Rising in the East



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In terms of land mass, China is the fourth largest country in the world. In terms of population, it is the biggest, with 1.3 billion inhabitants. In terms of the global economy, the International Monetary Fund predicted that by 2016, no national economy would be larger. And even though China is officially a secular, atheistic state, no one can ignore the tens of millions of Christians that are an increasing presence in all sectors of Chinese society. Today, even a few Communist party leaders profess Christian faith openly.


How did this remarkable growth of Christian faith occur in a country that has been either indifferent or hostile to things Christian? Jesus Rising in the East is a highlight reel of one of the most remarkable chapters in church history. It gives readers a glimpse of two centuries of saints and sinners, successes and failures, setbacks and advances of the church in China. One cannot understand modern China nor global Christianity without knowing something of this amazing story.


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Table of Contents




Part 1: Founding of the Protestant Church


Chapter 1: Hudson Taylor—Relentless Missionary


Chapter 2: The Missions Dream Team


Chapter 3:Unbecoming Ladies


Chapter 4: The Boxer Rebellion


Part 2: Flourishing of the Church


Chapter 6: From Mission to Church

Profiles: John Sung and Watchman Nee


Chapter 7: Worshiping Under the Communist Eye

Profile: Marcus Cheng (Chen Chonggui)


Chapter 8: Persecution of the House Churches

Profile: Wang Mingdao


Chapter 9: Catholics: Caught Between Rome and Beijing


Chapter 10: The Surprising Conversion of Intellectuals

Profiles: Mary Stone (Shi Meiyu), James Yen (Yan Yangchu), and Yifang Wu


Chapter 11: Prodigal Son: From Communist to Christian




Appendix 1: Vital Statistics


Appendix 2: Timeline


Appendix 3: Recommended Resources


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