War on Women: The world’s worst holocaust, and how Christians are saving one girl at a time.



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Marian Liautaud

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“It’s a girl” used to be cause for celebration. Now, it’s a death sentence. War on Women exposes the problem of sex-selective abortion and the steps Christians are taking to end what some call the world’s worst holocaust.


Author Marian Liautaud takes a deep look at gendercide through the lenses of demographics, social science, history, and faith to understand the far-reaching effects of aborting unborn girls in favor of boys in places like China and India. Though sobering in scope and detail, War on Women offers hope and help for knowing how to engage in this fight for life.


Endorsements for War on Women


"War Against Women opens our eyes to a global holocaust of epic proportions happening today in the slaughter of millions of little girls. Far from being simply an effort to inform, this powerful, well-written, disturbing book must propel us to action. May it never be said that our generation turned a blind eye when confronted with suffering and atrocities taking place in God's world, but that we rose up to end this unspeakable evil."


—Carolyn Custis James, author of Half the Church: Recapturing God's Global Vision for Women


"War on Women is well researched and written with sensitivity, insight, and passion.  It balances voices from the pro-life and pro-choice movements, Christians and non-Christians.  As such, it makes a unique contribution to the analysis of issues surrounding gendercide and forced abortion.  It is a must-read for those who seek to end these atrocities against women and girls."

—Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers


“Marian Liautaud has done a commendable service to the cause of saving girl children from an ongoing, silent genocide. The global Church has behaved like a sleeping giant with regard to this burning issue of our time. My sincere prayer is that the book War on Women can awaken the sleeping giant to recognize and use its might in stopping this serious threat against humanity. Her book also highlights the inconsistency of the stand of many activist groups of this movement who vociferously argue for the right of abortion as a women’s liberation issue but feel aghast when that very right is used to snuff out the lives of female gender in large parts of the globe where son preference is still the norm. Someone needed to point out the “emperor’s clothes,” and Marian’s book does that. May the ripple effects of War on Women be felt in churches around the world to sensitize them to God’s heart concern for the millions of slaughtered daughters and take concrete action in turning the tide.”

—Raaj Mondol, CEO, Salt Initiatives, New Delhi, India


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Table of Contents:


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Chapter 1: Fight for Life

Chapter 2: China

Chapter 3: India

Chapter 4: A Man’s World

Chapter 5: How to Save a Life

Chapter 6: Eyes Wide Open


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