The True Value of Money



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Bill Hybels
Timothy Keller
Francis Chan
Nancy Beach

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For most of us in the modern world, money is seen as an essential. We rarely question its role in our personal or communal lives. We judge “net worth” in dollars and cents, and use much of our waking life earning, spending, or envying it.


In this sermon collection, you’ll hear from prominent preachers on the subject of money and the human heart. They’ll encourage you—not simply to give more, but to be more. They present a view of an alternate economy, one where beggars are rich, the rich are impoverished, and a couple pennies just might be worth more than the net worth of Wall Street’s financiers.


You’ll be invited to view your use of resources as a means to know yourself. And maybe even to know God.


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Table of Contents


Man Without Money (Introduction) – Paul Pastor


What Do You Need to be Happy? – Francis Chan


Treasure or Money? – Tim Keller


The End of Financial Folly – Bill Hybels


The Sickness of Envy – Nancy Beach


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