Waiting on God



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John Ortberg
Francis Chan
James MacDonald
Bill Hybels

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In this outstanding sermon collection, four of today’s top preachers (Francis Chan, James MacDonald, John Ortberg and Bill Hybels) join you as you wrestle with the joys and difficulties of prayer. Their words will encourage you that God is present—even if it doesn’t feel like he’s listening. Persistent prayer can be hard work, but there is purpose when we wait on God.

Such times are more than simply “in-between” places on your spiritual journey. Rather, waiting in prayer is a posture that God invites us into, a posture of trust, designed to bring us deep peace. This posture can be one of the most difficult experiences of the spiritual life. It can be full of unanswered questions, or even answers that we don’t want to hear. In spite (or perhaps because of) the difficulty though, such times can be powerful seasons of growth. Why? Because God joins us there.


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