Looking for a New Church

This past Sunday, I visited Peace Community Church.

It was nice to attend a new church that meets in a high school (like my former church plant, Lake Ridge Church). The good thing is that I do not have to worry if the chair rows are crooked. (That is Mike's problem at Peace... and, for the record, the chairs were straight).

Before I visited, I called Mike to find out about the church... and soon discovered that we had actually talked earlier. Turns out I helped him with his dissertation. (Mike has his Ph.D. at Southern Seminary and wrote his dissertation on Spurgeon and church planting.)

Pray for Mike as you think of it... church planting is hard work. He seems to be headed in some good directions but, if you have ever planted, you know how hard the first year is. I was impressed with his passion and commitment. And, church planters are near and dear to my heart.

Visiting P.C.C. reminds me how difficult it is to find a church--and how bad I am at it. Perhaps that is why I gravitate toward church planting.

More soon on the church hunt...

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Looking for a New Church