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July 31, 2007Leadership, Research

NAMB State Summer Leadership Meeting

Tomorrow, I head down for a day in Atlanta for a meeting sponsored by the North American Mission Board. New NAMB president, Geoff Hammond, has been facilitating a discussion about the future of church planting, evangelism, and sending missionaries in our convention.

In our SBC polity, state conventions are not districts of the national office. Instead, they are seperate organizations that choose to work together. The same is true with the local expression, the association. So, few people have to come to this meeting, but they do. Interestingly, this year has marked a record attendence.

Could it be that we are ready to cooperate to reach North America for Christ?

You can, and really should, watch NAMB's presentation in San Antonio. You can do so by clicking here (click on the video archives).

I wrote Geoff an email about his presentation in San Antonio: "In your report, you made much of God's mission, missionaries, and cooperation-- I believe God was glorified, and Southern Baptists were encouraged, by your report."

I will do two presentations in Atlanta: one focused on the research from Comeback Churches and the other looking at best practices in church planting.

Tomorrow, I will post on the future of denominational mission agencies.

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NAMB State Summer Leadership Meeting