July 24, 2007Leadership

On Roy Fish

Last week, I spent the morning lecturing for Roy Fish in his D.Min. class at Southwestern Baptist Theologcal Seminary.

Roy is one of the most godly, irenic, and gracious people I know... and he has an unstoppable passion for sharing Christ.

What a blessing it is to have a man like him in my denomination and serving God's people. And, how encouraging is it that Geoff Hammond's first action as president of NAMB was to name former interim presidnet Roy Fish as a NAMB ambassador?

There are few living people who deserve to have a school named after them-- but I am glad Roy Fish is on of them and I am glad to call him friend.

It is also great to find someone like Roy who can show you where the cigar was once held in a certain seminary presidential painting. Grin.

He made an interesting comment about my ministry which made me think-- and I plan to comment on it in a couple days.


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