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July 23, 2007Church Planting

Piper on Planting

John Piper is speaking on church planting. Interesting comments. As always, God-centered and theologically driven. But, in this case, it had a surprising ending.

Piper takes the month of July off. (Sign me up for that.) Thus, he is speaking via video.

His focus is, "I will build my church."

I = A Risen Christ, worthy of eternal worship, is the one who plants the church.

Will build = Christ builds His church through "ripping the gates of hell off of the human heart... so they can see."

My = The church belongs to Jesus Christ and Jesus is already at work in the city where you are planting. "For I have many people in this city" (Acts 18:10)

Church = Only one institution in the entire universe is given the promise that Jesus will build it.

Then... John speaks of his morning devotions from Mark 4.

Surprising quote for a church planting seminar: "You don't know how to grow the Kingdom of God... beware of books, beware of conferences, and beware of seminars that tell you how to plant the church."


Today I shared on planting biblically faithful churches in emerging culture and on developing core values. I am heading out of town to Irvine, CA for a different conference. The Global Church Advancement Seminar conference will go on till Friday. Be sure to follow updates from Drew Goodmanson and David Wayne.

By the way, it was encouraging to see an ad from the Minnesota / Wisconsin Baptist Convention and the North American Mission Board advertising on the program. It was great to see Leo Endel and Steve Melvin there and get to brag on them in front of the group when I led my session.


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