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December 8, 2008Leadership, Research

Comeback Churches w/ the Assemblies of God

Back in August, I was invited to record a television program and shoot some video for the Assemblies of God. Both programs were videotaped at the Total Living Network in Aurora, IL.

Larry Griswold and Gary Blanchard from the Illinois District of the Assemblies of God interviewed me for the video. They then took the videos as part of a bigger program and showed it to over a thousand leaders in different meetings throughout the region.

To load them on YouTube, I combined them based on length so each video (after the introductory one) is between 5-10 minutes.

Thanks, Larry and Gary, for the chance to serve your churches and permission to share these videos with my blog readers.

I have included all the videos below.

Introductions, The State of the Church in the U.S, Re-Focusing on the Lost

The Bridge to What God Desires, The Keys to Change

The First 100 Days of Change

The Role of Leadership/Teamwork

Mistakes to Avoid

A Word to Denominational Leaders - Making it About the Mission, Not the Machine

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Comeback Churches w/ the Assemblies of God