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December 23, 2008Leadership

Trouble in Blog Land (Updated and Fixed)

Something is wrong with the comments on my blog. Our IT people are working on it. We are hopeful that all the lost comments will be restored. More soon...

Update: My sincere aplogies. The majority of my blog comments were being filtered out. We have found most of them and restored them.

Thanks to those of you who emailed to let me know your comment did not make it through. It appears that many of you are passionate about the SBC Cooperative Program reserach we posted yesterday and a discussion is taking place there (at least now that the comments are working).

We restored over 75 lost comments that dating back about a week. I know of more comments that were not recovered, but I do not know how many. My sincere apologies.

A blog is not a blog unless it has comments... and they should now be restored.

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Trouble in Blog Land (Updated and Fixed)