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May 15, 2008Leadership

Friday is For Friends and Photos

Alvin Reid Wins an Award

Congratulations to my friend Alvin Reid whose new book was recently honored. Kregel announced:

Outreach Magazine announced the finalists for their Outreach Resource Awards in February of this year... and this year's finalists included... Join the Movement: God Is Calling You to Change the World by Alvin L. Reid (Kregel 2007) in the Youth Outreach category.

Congrats to Alvin.

Joe Thorn Needs to Learn Boundaries

Joe Thorn, giving way too many of the details of his life, is twittering the birth of his child today. This would appear to be in the tradition of Steve McCoy's odd decision to blog his wife's brain surgery (back in the dark ages, pre-twitter). My guess is that the baby will look remarkable like Joe, at least in the hair department.

A Picture That Makes Even Me Look Relevant

Nathan Troester was the videographer at the Dwell Conference and was kind enough to send along a photo he took while I was teaching. When I speak at events like these, I am always the least cool guy speaking... but with this photo and backdrop, even I can look emerging:

Larry and Susan McCrary Start a Church Planting Network

My long time friends, Larry and Susan, are seeking to connect churches with church planting opportunities in postmodern Europe. (Larry has shared on the blog before, click here.)

A lot of the planters and pastors I talk to think that involvement in global missions is something that has to wait until the church is more established, but shouldn't international missions be part of a church's DNA from day one? That's the vision of the UpStream Collective... and I think it is a good one.

Having served or currently serving as missionaries in Europe, The Upstream Collective's founders have a common heart and vision for the post-Christian societies of the continent. They also realize that North American churches have a unique opportunity to make an impact on both sides of the ocean as they explore more incarnational approaches to ministry.

I would encourage you to get connected with the guys at Upstream Collective and see what innovative things God might have you do among the nations in Europe and in your own community.

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Friday is For Friends and Photos