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March 28, 2009Leadership

Saturday is for Seminars - March 28 2009

This week is a particularly good one because I am staying close to family and still able to encourage a few folks along the way.

But, two of my meetings are "closed" meetings and one requires registration.

So, even though I can't invite you, I would (as always) appreciate your prayers as I hope to make much of Jesus, the cross, and God's mission when I share.

Monday-Tuesday. On Monday afternoon and Tuesday all day, I will be talking to the leadership of the United Church of Christ New Church Leadership talking about evangelism, church planting, and missional church. And, the best thing is that they came to Nashville. You can find out more about the meeting here.

Thursday. I will be doing a seminar for "The Mission Exchange." The Mission Exchange was known as the Evangelical Foreign Missions Association (EFMA) for many years. They have asked me to look at how to encourage "missional" churches to be more engaged in God's global mission. It is a concern of mine (and of theirs, I think) that many who are "going missional" are not involved in global evangelism and church planting. You can find more info (and even register) here. (Anyone can attend and it is free if your organization is a member of The Mission Exchange.)

Friday. On my way to our family vacation for Spring Break, I will stop in Dallas for a few hours to a private meeting with a couple of hundred Assemblies of God leaders meeting at the Dallas airport. Alton Garrison and Wes Bartel were gracious enough to ask us to do a major movement-wide research project for the Assemblies. I recently presented the data at a national discipleship summit in Springfield. This will involve some key leaders and will include some observations about how we might improve disciple-making in our churches.

Future Events

And, looking ahead, if you live in the Louisville area, you might be interested in this "Missional Church Planting Seminar," held at Sojourn Church (an SBC / Acts 29 church) in partnership with Campbellsville University and the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Have a great week.

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Saturday is for Seminars - March 28 2009