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December 29, 2010Leadership

2010 Blog Review: April-June

This is part 2 of the 2010 Blog Review where I highlight a this year's posts that were either popular, controversial, helpful, or interesting (at least to me).

April-June 2010

Theological Approaches to Social Action and Transformation

A look at how evangelism and social justice interface by looking at the emergence of liberation theology and the church's shift in attitude towards the poor in the missions conversations in the mid-to-late 1900s.

The Most Influential Preachers

We had a lot of comments in this discussion of the preachers you thought have been the most influential preachers over the last 25 years.

How Should We Engage Culture?

Throughout the 2010 we kept wading deeper into the waters of "engaging culture." Here is a good place to start.

Missional Voices: Part One, Part Two

A look at some of the leading missional practitioners in the 21st century.

Exponential and Church Planting Trends

Current trends in church planting, based on research from Lifeway and Leadership Network.

The Nashville Flood: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Do you remember the flood that hit Nashville in May? I blogged about the damage and relief efforts here.

American's Thoughts on Prayer

We looked at a several research polls that examined the prayer habits of Americans.

Do Not Plant or Pastor a Church In Your Head

This is an article I wrote for Pastors.com explaining the danger of adopting a model of church without giving proper consideration to the people and culture God is sending you to plant or pastor.

Interview in Bible Study Magazine

I was interviewed about how and why Christians should be interacting with Scripture.

The Upstream Collective: London Paris

Here are several posts related to the Upstream Collective: a week long interaction with different European cultures and churches in order to see what God is doing and how American Christians and churches can get involved.

Connecting People for God's Mission in London/Paris

Why in The World Are We in London?

Terry Virgo, Church Planting Networks, and London

Caleb Crider on the Upstream Collective

Global Cities and Gospel Influence

More on Missions and Global Cities

Steve Timmis, Western Europe, and Church Planting

Arts, Creativity, and Evangelism

Westminster Chapel: Preaching Point/Mission Center


Greater Europe Mission

Sojourning for God's Global Mission

All of God's People Involved in All of God's Mission: 1, 2, 3, 4

A series of posts on moving the church at large (every member) to be actively involved in the mission God has given her.

The Church and Social Media

An article I wrote for Tabletalk Magazine on the benefits of social media to the local church.

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2010 Blog Review: April-June