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December 28, 2010Leadership

2010 Blog Review: January-March

This is an active blog, which means I post a lot of information. From my personal life to cultural analysis, theological perspective to statistics and research, and much more, it's easy to miss a few things. So each year I post a Blog Year Review highlighting a few posts that were either popular, controversial, helpful, or interesting (at least to me). This time I'm breaking down the year in review into quarters.

January-March 2010

My Continental Complaint and Their Excellent Response

The year started with a bad experience on one Continental flight. I expressed my concern and they responded very well.

Ten Scripture Texts on God's Mission

Ah, Twitter. You ARE a fun and useful tool. Here we talked, via Twitter about the missio dei and what Scripture passages teach it.

Language in the Pulpit

Preachers need to choose their words carefully, and that means being "thoughtful, provocative, and clear."

Missing the Missional Mark

Some continued to misunderstand that there are solid, biblical voices in the discussion, encouragement and practice of being "missional." But, at least we are talking!

Christian, Jew and Muslim "Trialogue"

Pastor Bob Roberts was doing something that made some people cheer, and others express concern.

Converts to What?

I argue that we must be careful not to allow our churches and ministries to create converts to anything less than Jesus. Are you making converts to a cause, or to Christ?

What is a Missional Church?

A couple videos explaining what it means to be missional.

The Eschatological Dimension of the Missional Church

Here we look at the role of eschatology and its relationship to mission and the church.

The Church, the Kingdom, and the Mission

More theological reflection here, focusing on the relationship between the Kingdom and the church.

Church Birth Control

Why aren't our churches reproducing?

Missiology and Soteriology

Where we discussed the connection between soteriology and missiology

How and Why is God at Work Outside the Church?

More on the role of salvation in the missional conversation.

One More Run at Salvation

Another post on salvation and the church. You should read all three of these posts together.

Evangelism and Social Justice

The beginning of a series of posts seeking to uncover the place for evangelism and social justice through the church.

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2010 Blog Review: January-March