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December 31, 2010Leadership

2010 Blog Review: July-September

This is part 3 of the 2010 Blog Review where I highlight a this year's posts that were either popular, controversial, helpful, or interesting (at least to me).


Calling for Contextualization

This was a lengthy series I did on the issue of contextualization. Though it just moves beyond the months than July-September I have put them all here for ease of reference.

What is culture, and why does it matter?

The Need to Contend and Contextualize

Knowing and Making Known the Gospel

Untangling Cultural Engagement


Loving and Hating the World

The Contextualization Spectrum

Ruining and Recovering Relevance

Christians are Hate-Filled Hypocrites . . . and Other Lies You've Been Told

The title of this post is the title of a book which I was happy to write the foreword to. Here I shared the foreword on the blog.

Interview with Adrian Warnock: Why We Need Non-Paid Christian Leaders

Here's a video interview with Adrian Warnock on how can we find and affirm non-pastors who are engaged in Christian ministry?

When Missional Churches Will Multiply

Warren Bird and I offer some thoughts of what has started to happen, but must continue at a higher and more widespread level to see the multiplication of missional churches in the United States. Below are the highlights.

Celebrating Our Anniversary

Donna and I celebrated our 23 anniversary this year, and I shared a photo from our wedding. I had a full beard and more hair back then. See, there you are moving in to click the link...

Ray Ortlund on Small Churches Planting Churches

Good words from Ray on how smaller churches (like the one he pastors) can plant new churches themselves.

Engaging in a Global Harvest

This is a reproduction if an article I wrote for Outreach Magazine where I shared some thoughts of how we might better engage our churches in global outreach.

Interview with Darrin Patrick

I had a chance to ask Darrin some questions on church planting and his new book, Church Planter: The Man, The Message, The Mission.

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2010 Blog Review: July-September