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December 12, 2010

Help Me Choose My 10,000th Tweet and Win a Free Book

Assuming that my typical tweet is 120 characters, I will have tweeted over one million characters some time tomorrow. To be exact, it will be 1,200,000. I doubt most of those tweets have been insightful, but they sure have been prolific!

But, now I feel the pressure. The 10,000th tweet should be special. I am not sure in what WAY it should be special, but in some way it should be.

What can I say that would make a great tweet? A reference to Cracker Barrel? Something about the TSA? A mention a cold legalist's heart?

OK, or maybe something more serious?

So, help me out. Think of something insightful, make it funny, mock me, or whatever... the floor is open, but the final tweet has to come FROM me AS me. The top winners will get a free copy of Transformational Church.

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Help Me Choose My 10,000th Tweet and Win a Free Book