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December 13, 2010Leadership, Research

The Recession is "Over" But It's Still Hitting America's Churches

If you read this morning's USA Today, you saw our research on the front page-- the recession has caught up with America's churches. We released a story here and you can find the full details here.

Although the National Bureau of Economic Research has determined that the recession is over, a new LifeWay Research study is showing that after a moderate impact for two years, the recession is now significantly impacting local churches with 79% reporting the economy is hurting their ministries.

Scott McConnell explained, "Because many members give in direct proportion to their income, Protestant churches may be more impacted by unemployment and Social Security than the stock market. Until unemployment turns around, Protestant churches may continue to struggle financially."

But the report also revealed encouraging developments as well. Forty-nine percent of the churches surveyed reported that volunteering in the community has increased in the past year in comparison to previous years, and 47 percent of churches are spending more money to help the needy.

Head over to USA Today to read more about the research and come back here to discuss.

Special note: Today, at 2p.m. central, I will discuss this research and how churches can deal with the recession. You can join us live right here.

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The Recession is "Over" But It's Still Hitting America's Churches