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Connecting People for God's Mission in London/Paris

As you read this, I'm heading off to London with Daniel Montgomery and a team of pastors for the next Upstream Collective trip to London and Paris. It's a week long interaction with different European cultures and churches in order to see what God is doing and how American Christians and churches can get involved.

From the Upstream Collective blog,

The Eurobarometer Poll 2005 indicates 20 and 33 percent of the United Kingdom and French populations, respectively, does not believe a spirit, god or life force exists, while 40 and 27 percent do. On average, 38 and 34 percent of the polled audiences believes in a god.

Less people are attending churches in Western Europe. Forty-seven percent of the French population claims agnosticism, according to 2003 studies. Other predominant religions on the continent include Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism. Of these, their largest populations are found in the United Kingdom and France.

You can follow the happenings of the Jet Set Tour here, and at the Upstream Collective blog as well as at @edstetzer and @TheUpstreamC on Twitter.

I am glad to take several weeks each year in partnership with the IMB to connect pastors with global mission opportunities. Stay tuned at the blog this week for more information.

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Connecting People for God's Mission in London/Paris