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May 29, 2010Church Planting

Greater Europe Mission

Greater Europe Mission began with a handful of North Americans in 1949 who were given a passion and vision to see the gospel spread through Europe. Though their work began in France just 60 years ago, it has expanded to about 300 people serving throughout Europe. From the GEM website:

GEM missionaries focus on being disciples, reflecting Christ wherever and however they serve. They're ordinary people doing extraordinary things in order to make disciples. This takes place through relationships and service in the name of Christ. It happens in the context of community and, in some cases, through Business as Mission.

As Christ-followers disciple all peoples of Europe through rapidly reproducing churches, God is expanding His Kingdom through those peoples to the world.

Here I talk to Charles Cross who heads up the work of GEM in France:

That same evening, Marshall Dallas (from, ironically, Texas) reflects on why we are here learning about Europe:

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