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May 26, 2010Church Planting

Steve Timmis, Western Europe & Church Planting

In about 15 minutes, I am heading to a meeting with Steve Timmis, a very busy and prolific brother.

Steve founded the Crowded House - an international group of church planting networks. Partnering churches with The Crowded House maintain the priority of the gospel, value community, seek to carry out the mission of the church through community, and continue to plant new churches. He is also co-director of The Porterbrook Network which trains and mentors church planters.

While on this Upsteam Collective trip, we have intersected a couple of times with Steve and Acts 29, which Steve serves as director of Western Europe. Several of the leaders on the trip are in Acts 29 related churches. Also, we did the Saturday Dwell Conference in partnership with Acts 29.

In the video below Steve shares why the western European cultural context is relevant to Americans, how the entire church is God's mission strategy, and how you can get involved in church planting abroad.

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Steve Timmis, Western Europe & Church Planting