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Terry Virgo, Church Planting Networks, and London

As I mentioned yesterday, I am in London right now and will be for several days. We are learning about the city, encouraging partnerships, and meeting with other Great Commission Christian groups. Yesterday, Steve Timmis, Terry Virgo, and I presented keynote sessions at the Dwell Conference in London (audio coming soon). During that conference I was able to talk to Terry Virgo, founder of a network of churches called Newfrontiers.

New Frontiers is a network of churches that was founded in England and now has churches around the world. They have planted 700 churches since 1975-- and were planting churches before church planting, let alone church planting networks, were trendy.

I asked Terry to tell us a bit about how the network and he did so in this video:


He mentions how they meet often to build community and common mission. Matt Chandler was here just last week to speak at one of these events. Some of my readers will also know of Adrian Warnock, uberblogger and church leader. He interviewed Matt at his blog.

I should also mention that Terry's message on prayer is well known in the U.K. I remember John Piper tweeting about it and I watched it at that time. You can find it here.

They are a church planting focused organization that calls itself both Reformed and charismatic. I am intrigued by how they have kept the movement focused on church planting and evangelism for such a protracted period of time.

Please pray that they (and others) will continue to plant churches in London to make the name and fame of Jesus more widely known.

BTW, here is a Flickr stream for Dwell and other events on Saturday.

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Terry Virgo, Church Planting Networks, and London