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August 20, 2011

"Best" of Seminary Rap, Kinda'

In what is clearly a trend, many people have decided to take up rapping to promote academic interests. The most famous of those, is clearly the University of Alabama sorority "rap" that has even made CNN. You can watch it if you want, but I just did not want to put you through all that.

It would be easy to make fun of the University of Alabama, but since Thom Rainer is a fan, I have to be careful. So, let's go a different direction today.

It appears that seminaries also are getting into the mix (get it—"mix"). I thought I'd share more with you in the world where I often live—seminary education. Here are a few videos I found.

First, you can't miss the man who calls himself "Snoop Doc" in his own rap on Romans—from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary of the PCUSA no less (the "censoring" at 3:28 makes that clear—this is mainline Protestantism after all and they "can't touch this").

And, while we are talking about the PCUSA, we can't forget about Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. (What is it about the PCUSA with rap?)

But, the Baptists won't be left behind. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary brings the rap in "fresh" new ways promoting the fine work they do there.

And, "Dr. Orrick's philosophy rap" from Boyce College is worth seeing:

Finally, the natural place you would go to see the best rap is from John MacArthur's people. He is, after all, the original old school. In this tribute from Master's Seminary students to John MacArthur, he even makes an appearance.

For the record, I am sure that all this rapping would not be contextualization, because they are not really into that but, "JohnnyMac" is a great sport here—be sure to watch the very end of the video.

I found a few—from east coast to west coast.

Have others? Share them in the comments and I will add the best.

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"Best" of Seminary Rap, Kinda'