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August 14, 2011

Why I Teach: Some Reflections from Re:Train

I have been teaching at a Ph.D. seminar this week at LifeWay with students from Southeastern Seminary. Then, yesterday, I saw this at Zach Nielson's blog, talking about The Resurgence program called Re:Train. I was moved and encouraged but the post and thought I should share it with you.

Guest Post by Los Griego

This past year I had the privilege to attend ReTrain, a missional leadership program offered by The Resurgence. ReTrain is more about training the called rather than calling the trained, it offered some of the best teachers and also a brotherhood with fellow classmates that I think is unique to ReTrain. I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life and something I know will benefit Redemption Church as I prepare to lead and plant this church this coming year.

Jeremy Writebol was a member of my cohort, Stephanie, his wife, has written a great piece about her experience of being a ReTrain student's wife. I know my wife, Lauren, shares the same perspective as Stephanie.

Here is an excerpt, and read the whole post here:

Through Re:train I saw God rekindle a passion and love in Jeremy's heart for the advancement of the gospel and God's word. Jeremy has always been a man who loves God's word, but over the last year I have seen that passion grow. It has been contagious! I have been challenged as I have watched his love for the lost grow and his desire for our family to be continually on mission for Jesus! Jeremy was able to learn from some amazing leaders including Ed Stetzer, Bryan Chappell, Mark Driscoll, and Bruce Ware. Seeing the gleam in Jeremy's eyes as he would read and share with me what God was teaching him made me excited. We were able to read Ed Stetzer's book, Compelled by Love, together and be challenged to not just talk about the gospel but to truly live it out daily. It truly gave us a "new view of people and a new life of compassion for the saved and the lost."

I found this post incredibly encouraging-- and I am reminded why I teach. It is not easy to add teaching into my schedule, but I love the passion and take very seriously the commitment that students make.

I don't teach at Re:Train any longer (but they do have a strong program). I continue to teach at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Southeastern Seminary, and a little bit each year at Gordon-Conwell. I am thankful for my students and things like this remind me why.

Thanks, Stephanie, for your comments. You reminded me WHY I teach!

I hope to see some of you, my blog readers, soon in a class.

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Why I Teach: Some Reflections from Re:Train